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This document has yet to be ratified.


1: Domain Name, Number, City

Southern Cross, AUS-00?, Virtual (on the Wide World of Web)

2: DST & DC Names and membership numbers

Domain Coordinator (DC): Duncan Hadley-Harris AU2006080004 Domain Storyteller (DST): Brad Jackson AU2015010009

3: Game Location, Time and Fees


Southern Cross games are played using the free application called Discord found here: Once you have it installed contact a Coordinator or Storyteller for an invite.


2nd Sunday of the Month, Evening – Vampire the Requiem



4: Mailing lists, websites and other online resources used

Southern_Cross has no dedicated website although most of our information can be found on the wiki at

Relevant Storyteller Emails are As Follows –


1: Setting

The setting for both Classic and New World of Darkness Southern Cross are viable to alternations at the discretion of the VSTs. It is assumed that the settings will be altered by plots and the player’s actions. As such, this section is likely to change as the chronicle progresses. Failing an amendment to this document, VSTs can be contacted for a current description of the setting.



3: Theme(s) (Listed and described)

For particular themes appropriate to the various Genres please refer to the Venue Style Sheets.

4: Mood (Listed and described)

For particular moods appropriate to the various Genres please refer to the Venue Style Sheets.

5: Preferred character types, and restrictions (Examples of the exemplar)

Character should be suited to their particular genre, conforming to the themes and mood. As such, players should consult the appropriate Venue Style Sheets or discuss concepts with their Venue Story Tellers before seeking approval.

Players are encouraged to make long lasting characters that are involved within the structure drama and action of the various games. “Throw-away” or “Once-off” character will not be considered for approval.

Players are encouraged to have one character only per genre and to play this character consistently until its death or retirement.

Secondary Characters, Second Primary Characters or having more than one character in a Classic World of Darkness Venue is strongly discouraged and will only be approved under exceptional circumstances. Wanting to “try something different” or simply wanting a rage of occasional characters at your disposal is not an approvable justification.

Instead, players will be able to request a particular style of NPC to fulfil the role of what would be a secondary PC. In these cases Story Tellers should be more option to negation in the creation of the NPC. If the player in consistent in their portrayal of the NPC then the character it likely to be considered for Custodial Player Character status or transferral to PC status if the players current PC is retired or destroyed.

This process is to assist the Storytellers in creating a stronger universe of Non Player Characters and to ensure that Player Characters are developed and interesting rather than two dimensional cardboard cut-outs.

6: Location of Domain history information )


1: Experience Awards


All primary characters receive their MC x 10 + 30 in experience points as per the universal addenda.

In addition characters may also receive experience points at creation for the following at the discretion of the VST–

  • 5XP for completion and submission of the relevant Character Development Document
  • Up to 5XP for Character ties (1 point per Character Tie) – Players are required to communicate with VST regarding the nature and suitability.
  • 3XP for a Narrative Character Back-story
  • 3XP for a wiki page including a picture and a quote from another player

Note: These XP bonuses are considered creation XP and are not subject to the Incremental Maximum


Each month characters can obtain the following Experience Points at the discretion of the VST –

  • 3XP for attending the majority of a game session
  • 1XP for a Report detailing major events that occurred during the game or a reflective journal from the character perspective
  • 2XP for a Narrative Downtime with significant detail or 1XP for a simple dot point downtime

Players may also claim up to an additional 2XP for costuming and exceptional Role-Playing. This claim should be made within the monthly downtime submission.


All characters receive the standard XP amount as per the relevant addenda.


Each month character can obtain the following Experience Points as the discretion of the VST –

  • 2XP per Game
  • 1XP Discretionary Role-Playing Award
  • 1XP for the submission of a Downtime

Note: It will be unlikely that players will earn the maximum amount of experience points for every game and submission. The amount of experience can always be reduced with impunity by the VSTs and can never exceed monthly cap without exceptional circumstances such as national events or exemplary over-cap awards.

2: Custom Rules


No Write-Up? No Power!

White-Wolf has published literally hundreds of book each with its own set of powers and unique rules. In lieu of this fact, if a player utilises a rule or power that does not come from a core book, that player must bring a legible copy of rules. If the player does bring copies of an obscure rule and it is brought into question then the power simply will not work or the rule will not apply. Story Tellers are the final arbitrators on what constitutes as an obscure rule.


Dramatic Successes and Failures

Although the rules for dramatic successes and failures as per the write-up in the core World of Darkness material are not sanctioned within Beyond the Sunset’s New World of Darkness chronicle, VSTs within Southern Cross will have some narrative flexibility in situations that would normally be considered a dramatic success or failure and may levy minor mechanical bonuses or detriments based on the situation. VSTs will be more generous with penalties and rewards in player versus environment situations as opposed to player versus player situations.

Example (Dramatic Success): Barry character is attempting to track down Don’s character with his heightened senses but Don’s character who is a master of Survival has covered his tracks and rough weather is making visibility near impossible. As a result Barry’s character is reduced to a chance draw and Barry has drawn a one. The Story Teller decides that rather than simply failing in his attempts to find Don’s character, Barry’s character is lead into a cave full of snakes.

Example (Dramatic Failure): Barry’s Character is in a tussle with a cave full of snakes. Fortunately his character is armed with his faithful cutlass and Barry manages to draw two tens in a row. Since the small snakes only have two health levels and are inconsequential antagonists the Story Teller decides that rather than Barrys character only killing one of the snakes he manages to cut through two of them in a single swing.

Blood Feeding/ Glamour Harvesting/ Mana Gathering (Supernatural Resource Obtaining)

Southern Cross utilises a simplified method for determining the quantity of magical resources a character starts game with. A Character adds his relevant merits (such as Haven Location, Harvest, ect.) to a randomly rolled number (1-10) and the resulting number is the amount of magical resource that the character starts game with.

Example: Vlad the Vampire has an average sized Herd and a Haven that is located in the middle of the thriving night-club district (2 Herd + 5 Haven Location). He draws a 5 for his card and adds this to his total.

2 + 5 + Card 5 = 12

Vlad starts the game with 12 Blood in his blood pool or the maximum his blood pool will allow if it’s less than 12.

Certain powers give bonuses to feeding and these are applied with the discretion of the VST. VST may also alter the amount of supernatural recourses a Character begins the game with based on Plot and the general state of the city.


Please see relevant VSS for rules specific to genres

3: Downtime Handling Procedure


Downtimes are due the Second Monday after the game. This gives players a full week, including weekend, to submit downtimes. It encourages players to submit downtimes while the events of the game are still fresh in their mind.


All downtimes are due on the 15th of the Month

This is a strict deadline and will be enforced unless an exceptional reason for lateness can be provided. “Forgetting to send it in” or “accidentally not attaching a file” are not acceptable reasons. Downtimes sent in after this date WILL NOT BE PROCESSED and characters will receive no XP for the submission of a downtime that month.

XP expenditures, and maintaining skills do not require a set number of downtime actions. XP expenditures will be approved based only on the justifications given by the player and the VSTs professional opinion. Understand that some XP expenditures will required significant character development before being approved.

4: Crossover limitations and expectations.

Southern Cross 2013 Chronicle is building towards a set of complete, extensive and entwined World of Darkness games.

New World of Darkness will be story-told as one game rather than three separate isolated genres. Each game will play to its own themes and moods, with a separate VST arbitrating what makes it in and out of their games but ultimately the games will be connected by the fact that they are all set in the same universe. VSTs and the DST will meet every month shortly after downtime submissions in order to discuss the cross-over ramifications of their player’s actions and possible plots that could be affecting multiple games. Cross-over is likely to be common in one way or another, although antagonism between genres is something story tellers will discourage. Especially in areas that conflicts of interest and meta-gaming might be present. At the end of each year the domain will attempt to host a cross-genre event specifically for the purpose of exploring common ground across the genres in a safe controlled environment.

Venue Story Tellers will take advantage of the Low Approval (Soft Role-Play with little consequences) aspects of cross genre and encourage players to approach cross-genera with a narrative, role-play focus rather than a mechanical focus.

Classic World of Darkness will also feature more cross-genera activity than that current chronicle has permitted. There will be no fire-wall between games and the antagonism inherit between the Vampire genres will not be removed. Instead it will be carefully monitored and controlled through the use of plot and strong in character consequences. Wraith the Oblivion is unique in that it will have limited cross-genre as the PCs inhabit essentially a different world to that of the other genres. However, some cross-genera will be permitted through the interaction of NPCs and specific merits. For more details please read the relevant VSS.


1: Information for New Folks (new to Cam)

New Players are encouraged to contact the relevant Story Teller at least three days before game.

For contact information please see Section 4: Administrative information.

Information relating to our specific games and White-Wolf’s World of Darkness can be found on the Beyond the Sunset Wiki -

2: Information for External Folks (from other Domains)

Character Sheets for character outside of Southern Cross should be sent though the relevant Story Teller channels at least three days before a game. Character sheets for character outside Australia should be sent through the relevant Story Teller Channels at least one week before game in case any conversions need to be made.