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Werewolf: the Forsaken CofD
Southern Cross - AUD000
Punishment Under Lunas Light [PULL]
VSS Approval Number - NST-WTF-20171206
VST: Nick Wittman 2011070005
VC: Bec Pring 2009030004
Discord Forsaken CofD Server

Venue Data

Date of VSS: 07/01/2018.
Genre: Werewolf: the Forsaken CofD.
Venue Name: Punishment Under Lunas Light.
Venue Code: PULL.
Venue Location: Server.
Venue Times: 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm AEST.
Domain Name: Southern Cross.
Domain Number: AUD000.

Storyteller Chain

Venue Storyteller (VST): Nick Wittman
BTS Mem#: 2011070005

assistant Venue Storyteller (aVST): Mick Atwell
BTS Mem#: 2003090529
Report: Not Required

assistant Venue Storyteller (aVST): Alex Strange
BTS Mem#: 2003090529
Report: Not Required

Domain Storyteller (DST): Elyn Fritz-Waters
BTS Mem#: 2018090001

Coordinator Chain

Venue Coordinator (VC): Bec Pring
BTS Mem#: 2009030004

Domain Coordinator (DC): Ali Lawrie
BTS Mem#: 2000100334



The Protectorate that covers the area of Forster-Tuncurry and its surrounds was formed in 2007 to combat a sharp, unexplained upturn in issues in both worlds. This lead to a massive influx of Uratha and their packs as there was basically endless quarry. 4 years later, several of those curious enough to look into the why of the situation were found dead. Murdered by various creatures, some by hosts, some by claimed, some by spirits, some by less identifiable means. Days later, the issues faded. That was 6 years ago and the issues have just begun anew, but alongside the issues come quarry and an easy hunt.

Themes and Mood

The Wolf Must Hunt and The People Do Not Murder The People: To the Uratha, all things are a hunt and the hunt is all things. Pacifism is frowned upon and those who do not hunt, will become hunted. PvE will be a large part of the game. Politics can often end in fighting, but killing another of the blood is frowned upon.

The Low Honor The High; The High Respect The Low: Power is to be obeyed. Power to is to be respected. You aren’t the biggest thing out there and biting off more than you can chew is just another day on the hunt. Pack is required to take on most threats and sometimes you will lose and there will be consequences. The World of Darkness is a dark place.

Respect Your Prey, Do Not Eat The Flesh Of Man Or Wolf: The Uratha hunt, but moderation is required. Sometimes you go too far, sometimes you lose yourself and the world goes hazy and the rage of Father Wolf overtakes you. Sometimes your best laid plans go astray.

The Herd Must Not Know, The Uratha Shall Cleave To The Human: On the other side of the Spirit is the Flesh. For every moonlit hunt you go on, there is a friend of family member that needs help. Werewolf is a game of Balance, Harmony will be kept a close eye on and expect your characters harmony to fluctuate.

Territory covered


The World We Live In:

Forster-Tuncurry is a Port City, the economy is built around the port and the business it brings in. About 20% of employment is at the Port with a further 10% being peripheral to the port. Currently, the city is thriving and has recently experienced a population boom. There is next to no unemployment or homelessness. The Economy is booming and there is a lot of money in Forster-Tuncurry, the area however is bled dry by the funnelling of resources and this has lead to the surrounding area being a much lower standard of living and socio-economic environment.

During the Summer months, the population increases by about 50% in the region as tourists and holiday-goers flock to it. Several of the surrounding towns of the region rely on these months to keep going as the majority of the jobs at the Port belong to those in Forster-Tuncurry itself.

There is a definite sense of superiority from the residents of the Forster-Tuncurry compared to those who live in the surrounding locales, there are several independent politicians in the area focused on this idea, on both sides.

Crime is just an accepted part of life in the outer regions. Nothing organised, just street gangs trying to make ends meet and feed their families.

The Region is approximately twice as large in the World of Darkness and population base is 2x. Going up to 2.5x to 3x during Summer.

The Protectorate

The Protectorate was formed in 2007 by 3 packs at first who managed the city of Forster-Tuncurry itself as well as a small area around, over the next year several other packs flocked to the area and the Protectorate quickly expanded. Over the last four years it has lulled but numbers are again increasing. There are several Lodges with active presences in the area, these are the Lodge of the Dreaming, Lodge of the Shield and The People of The Jagdschloss.

Custom Lodge: The People of the Jagdschloss

Found in 1899 by a Blood Talon known as Hunts-With-Hounds. Hunts-With-Hounds was a German Immigrant who built, set up and made famous the hunting club, The Western Front. Hunts-With-Hound was a particularly cruel Blood Talon who hunted Uratha like sport, like one would hunt foxes back home. The Lodge has a bad reputation amongst most of the Uratha for its flippant nature towards the Oath of The Moon, in particular “The People Shall Not Kill The People” but to be honest, The People of the Jagdschloss don’t really care what others think of them. The thrill of the hunt is its own reward and a reward worth a little scorn from inferiors.
[Approval Number: VST-WTF-20171207]

History of Forster-Tuncurry

This may be found under the History of Forster-Tuncurry section at this location Southern Cross Chronicles of Darkness Historic Timeline.



All AVST’s Receive an additional 2 beats per game they assist with.

Character Creation

All primary characters receive 150 + their MC x 5 in beats as per the universal addenda.

In addition, characters may also receive experience points at creation for the following at the discretion of the VST–
Character Creation Document: 20 beats for the completion of a Character Creation Document (can only be claimed once per character).
Character Ties: 1 beat per character tie at Character creation (Max 5)
Wiki Pages: 5 beats for creation of a detailed Wiki page for your character (can only be claimed once per character.)
Game Materials: 1 beat for creating game materials that benefit the majority of characters: (Creating maps, NPC’s, plots, places of interest, world building items etc.) at discretion of VST.
Blowing Your Own Trumpet: An extra 5 beats for writing and submitting the stories of your renown at creation.
Note: These XP bonuses are considered creation XP and are not subject to the Incremental Maximum

General Monthly Beats:

Game attendance: 4 beats at conclusion of the game.
Downtime Submission: 3 beats for submission when received on or before cut-off time.
Aspiration: 1 beat when performing actions that are dedicated to resolving aspirations, at discretion of VST.
RTR’s: 1 beat for participating in with a supervising storyteller present, or when submitting a report to the VST, at discretion of the VST (max 3 per month).
Major progress towards Aspirations: 1 beat when making major strides towards fulfilling long term Aspirations at discretion of VST.
Dramatic Mundane Failure: 1 beat when potential for dice roll and you elect to take a dramatic failure to further the narrative. At discretion of VST.
Blood and Bones: 1 beat when players gain all WP back from indulging their Blood or Bone completely.
Pack Beats: As per the Addenda.
All Other sanctioned methods from the Books


A player receives downtime actions equal to their unmodified Resolve + 1. Downtimes will be processed once per month, due 1 week after game. Everything takes an action, that is to say there is no free "recover essence" action and no free "patrol" action. On that, Patrol Actions need to be separate for the Hisil and the Flesh. That is, to patrol an area on both sides will take 2 actions.
The online downtime form may be accessed here.


Mortal PC’s will be allowed, but remain a High Approval for Permanent Genre Changing. Characters from other Venues/Genres with pack ties to Werewolves will be allowed, within the scope of the Cross-Genre appendix. All other Cross-genre will not be approved at this stage.


New characters will not be approved on the spot.
The VST reserves a minimum of one week to study the character prior to approval. Characters must be submitted by the Friday one week before the first session you would LIKE to play it at the latest.
The VST may approve character concepts, allowing play without a character sheet. In this case, any challenges in scenes will be narrated and negotiated for outcomes without an approved mechanical sheet.

The VST may deny character concepts or sheets. This is their prerogative. If your character does not suit the venue then it is up to the VST whether you are allowed in.
Players are required to submit characters as an electronic version (Excel format preferred) no less than one week before the game; preferably accompanying the character concept.
Players are expected to submit a brief character history, in dot point form, within a month of the character starting play. This is to allow time for the player to build ties and generate a solid background for the character.


New Players

Talk to the VC, or VST via Discord
New players to the Southern Cross Domain are required to speak to the Storyteller regarding character creation should they be interested in this game. New players are given a ‘white lanyard’ status which effectively means that the need not worry about tests being performed on them. They will also start with an additional 3 XP after the first game to help get them started.

Transferring Players

For characters transferring VSS, please forward character sheets, CDD, and any Approvals to the DST and VST for clarification and integration into the local domain and venue. Please also submit the last three months of downtimes and responses from your previous domain where possible to understand more about the character and how they act in their between periods. Also, note that transferring characters may be subject to some alterations to their sheets to account for the change in VSS or to make them more consistent with the new VSS, all alterations will be done after consultations with the player.


All proxy requests are to be submitted to the VST at least one week before the game and must include travel instructions and rest locations. Proxy rules are as per the BTS Addenda.
It is highly recommended that any proxy form includes where the character is staying, how they get into the state, what they bring, who they bring with them and where they will be staying. All external players must contact both the VST and the VC to confirm their attendance to the game prior to arrival as per the Australian Addenda.

Due to being an online domain proxy forms are absolutely required even if a player intends to play their character themselves.