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Concept: Unknown
Path: Obrimos
Order: Mysterium •••
Consilium: Launceston ••
Legacy None
Cabal: None
Player: Nick Wittman
Storyteller: Launceston VST

Most of this is OOC information.

Personal Information


Rustled dark hair, glasses, greying stubble. He has green-blue eyes.
Sudo dresses practically and warmly yet unassumingly. He often wears scarves, sunglasses and a cap, one thing is for sure: he is a Launceston local.


Out Dated:
No-One is jumpy at times and terrifying at others. He has been a mage for a long time and has seen a lot of shit and it comes across. He is kind to the uneducated but swift to chew chunks off of those who should know better. He is also very paranoid especially RE: Seers



People who work to improve themselves and own their mistakes


Improper security protocols
Wasted potential


Computers; All things, but mostly Cybersecurity (including circumvention) Item Imbueing; No-One has the ability to create imbued and enhanced items and has a history of doing so, he accepts multiple forms of payment.


Read, learn, understand, improve.

Mortal World

Sleeper Alias: James Forsyth
Sleeper Occupation: External Access Cybersecurity Technical Contractor for Loc&Key


  • Long Term Nimbus: Generally manifests as electronic devices occasionally turning on and off, an increase in static electricity and if he is in one place for a long time occasionally a storm.
  • Immediate Nimbus: No-One's immediate nimbus is a quick flash of light which inspires and sterns the resolve of onlookers.
  • Signature Nimbus: Faint static hum and the occasional spark.

Known Information

At the very least, rumours are available of most of the above except for Name and Occupation
The artist Formally known as No-One


Curator of the Launceston Athaneum
Obrimos Councillor of Launceston
Theurge of the Mysterium

Nicknames and Aliases



Date of Birth: 13th of August 1976
Awakening: Sudo awoke at the turn of the millenium, he doesn't speak of it often but rumours say it had something to do with Y2K


1976 - Born in Launceston
1996 - Accepted into University of Tasmania
1999 - Graduated University of Tasmania
2000 - Awakens to the Obrimos Path
2001 - Father dies in mysterious circumsances, is considered a suspect but name is eventually cleared, but Father's death is never solved.
2003 - Joins the Mysterium
2005 - Becomes a Savant
2008-2012 - [REDACTED]
2012 - Rejoins the Consilium. Mentors Clothon into the Mysterium
2014 - Begins creating Imbued and Enhanced Items
2018 - Changes Shadow name from No-One to Sudo

Start of Domain Chron


Quotes by

"Why do I even bother?" - No-One
"Because you care about the good of your fellow awakened" - Rifling
"Because you have hope that is yet to die?" - Billy
"Those don't sound like me" - No-One

Quotes about

"No-One is always mad at me for one reason or another, first it was Rifling no you can't take the ancient tomes home, then it was no you can't access the secure server from local libary, next it will be no you can't take whole photocopies of the books home."
-Rifling complaining about No-One rules
"He cares a lot, you'd be surprised by how much. Like despite everything he's good people, and I'll fight anyone who says otherwise."
-Thrills response to people being a dick about No-One
"He dived into Mastery, Wisdom and all."
-Thoth may have been less than impressed of late.
"Skilled and competent in his application of arcana to imbue items. With his assistance, I am better able to serve the Consillium"
"One of the best. I am glad to work beside him within the Consillium and raise my concerns with him, that he will then address to the Council appropriately, quickly, and clearly."
"Beneath the snark and caffeine is someone with the potential to save the world, one lost young Mage at a time."



  • Is an Alcoholic
    • Alcoholics go to meetings.
  • Still a virgin
    • Can't be. He's met Thrills.
      • When asked Thrills gave no comment
        • That has to be a Yes right?
  • Once shouted down his Master
  • Is actually James Bond, complete with the beautiful and deadly assassins
  • Has many faces he can switch between
  • Is actually part of an order of assassins
    • Is an order of Assassins
  • Rifling nicked named No-One No-One and it stuck

Inspirations and Soundtrack

  • Mr. Robot/Elliot from Mr. Robot
  • Lester from GTAV
  • Gordon Ramsay

OOC Info

Member Information
Player: Nick Wittman
Number: 2011070005
Domain: Southern Cross