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This is the way you left me, I'm not pretending
No hope, no love, no glory, no happy ending.
This is the way that we love, like it's forever
Then live the rest of our lives, but not together.

Sunny Faulkner
Concept: The Friendliest Storm Lord
Tribe: Storm Lord
City: [[ Forsaken CofD|]]
Lodge: [[Category: CofD|]]
Pack: The Lyceum
Spirit Rank
Player: [mailto: Katie Harwood]
Storyteller: [mailto: VST]

Personal Information


Sunny Faulkner.jpg

Sunny stands about 5'4", and is lithe and wiry, shaped by her work on her property. She has dark hair, dark eyes, and skin that suggests south-Asian ancestry. She's often seen in long sun dresses and broad brimmed hats, but whatever the situation, it's all-but guaranteed that she's wearing something suitable and sturdy.


Sunny lives up to her name. She is very bright and bubbly, and treats the people she interacts with, both familiar and unknown, with respect and friendliness. She always seems to have a smile and a few words to share with everyone that greets her, if not a snack or another home-made treat.

Information Known by Uratha Society

Mountain Lake is a member of the Faulkner family, a strong wolfblooded lineage made up primarily of Storm Lords. Her parents don't live in Forster, but she refers to Jax as Uncle, and more occasionally, Lena and Harley as Aunt. Her home with Charles Tims, Stormcroft, is known as a place to get a meal or a bed for traveling Uratha, or those who need a break from their territory or pack. She is also known to cater most Forsaken events, with good, filling food, fit for all (most) varieties Werewolf metabolism.

She is also known to be reluctant to talk about her auspice, citing unfair assumptions, and her chosen role as cook and den-mother of sorts, which falls outside strict auspice roles.


Sunny introduces herself as 'Mountain Lake' to other Werewolves, and entities that care about such things.


None at this time


  • 1991 - Born in Gosford to Sam and Hermes Faulkner
  • 2002 - Begins spending more time in Forster, her family citing illness as the cause
  • 2007 - Moves permanently to Forster to begin a baking apprenticeship
  • Late 2009 - Undergoes her First Change. Moves into her own house.
  • 2011 - Becomes the owner of the bakery she works at
  • Late 2016 - Joins Beth's pack, The Lyceum, with Charles.

Recent Events


Quotes By

"Yeah, some people get super rude about the stuff you can and can't do after they learn your auspice. You can't judge this, you can't teach that, you can't do this spirit thing, you can't sneak that thing- they get suspicious and judgemental and mean. My auspice is between me, Mother Luna, and my Alpha, and you can trust me that I will fulfill the demands of my moon when they are required. But for I am doing my duty to the people- provider, quartermaster, peacemaker, confidante, little sister- and I am content. Cake?"

- When asked about her auspice

"If things get bad, howl for me. I don't... sleep, when the moon's at it's darkest."

- To Tahl, on the first night of the new moon.

"Oh no. I've fallen. I can't get up. Whatever will I do. I am definitely prey for other wolves. Oh no. So sad if some young wolves would jump on me."

- Sunny, playing with Rei and Tahl

"...the other packs don't have to like it, but they can basically bite me."

- Sunny, making her thoughts on what's not other people's business quite clear

Quotes About

"She's everyone's mother, everyone's friend. Caring for so many people at one time is going to make it hard when it comes down to making good decisions and the scars they will leave behind. She's setting herself up for a world of pain for when that day comes and when it does, well...when you find something you care about, you become someone better, someone different. When that's taken away from you, who do you become then, Sunny?" - Cayden Smith

"Often the sunlit lake in the mountains contains much hidden depth, should you look just a little below the surface. Sunny is every bit a child of Winter Wolf and if you mistake her chosen mission for a sign of weakness you are a fool" - Beth "Rainsong" Masters

"Sunny is basically my sister. I don't need to, because she's more than capable, but I would kill for that girl." - Lena

"No matter how bad the day has been, no matter how dark the hour or how dire the situation, Sunny always seems to have that smile that reminds me of the bright side of the moon." -- Ajax Faulkner

"I remember when John Rivers and I used to sneak off to nick mulberries and apples from the orchard. Her response wasn't to rat us out to Ma or Pa, though I'm sure they knew. She just told me that the more I brought her, the more muffins we'd get. We stuffed our bellies on the porch later, the three of us laughing over something as we watched the sun setting. And all my memories of her are like that, full of this glow of warmth even when times were the darkest. There was always a story to be told, a beanie to be given or a job to be done, always something to do but it never felt like a chore. She wasn't perfect, but she was ours and she was our heart. I always thought it would be her that made it to grey hair, not me. I always thought it would be her with a jug of iced tea, surrounded by children, talking about her dumb aunts and uncles and their crazy antics. I guess it's my job now to do that in her place. It's our job to tell her story, to keep her alive in us." - Lena

"To this day, even from beyond the grave, Sunny still reads me better than anyone else alive. Funny thing is, we weren't all that close. That was my mistake I think. I tried to take her advise to heart, but as time goes on and more things happen, I'm drifting even further towards what she's warned me of. I'm sorry Sunny, but I just can't see another way" - Solomon King


"So I think, at this point, we train. We scout. We do what we can stomach with the Fire Touched. And we work to get Hunter's Rest back." -Sunny Faulkner
"...Burn it. Nu Mus Halhala. Burn it." -Tahl
"Let No Sacred Place in Your Territory Be Violated? ...Wait, that could be a good idea, it would get rid of PKs in the territory." -Rei
"Yes. She's a Mennina." - Sunny Faulkner
"Sounds like something they would say" -Charles
"Fire is very cleansing." -Bowie
"And the land remembers when it was tamed by fire" - Sunny
"Sounds good to me. If it isn't our land, then like fuck it's gonna be theirs." - Bowie
- The Lyceum, agreeing on the appropriate treatment for the desecration of Hunter's Rest.


  • Makes the best ever steak tartare
  • The heart and soul of her pack
  • Don't get her mad. It'll be hard, but if you manage it she'll bury you before you even realise what you did wrong

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Player: Katie Harwood
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Domain: Southern Cross