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The 63 Sydney pages are to provide information for potential, new and current members in regards to the the games and running of the Sydney Domain of Beyond the Sunset.

Monthly Games

The Harbour of Darkness (Sydney domain of the Camarilla Australia) run games on the second and fourth weekends of the month, for more information please see the main Sydney page. Currently these games are as follows.

Google calendar of Sydney Games

Camarilla Conventions

The Camarilla Australia have two annual conventions that run in a different domain every year. These are great places to develop the national game in person and meet the players from around Australia. Please see their website or contact the lead coordinators for more information.

Please see the National Current Events for more details on conventions and the events of other domains.

Non Camarilla Sydney Conventions

The following conventions are not run by the Camarilla Australia and often include a wide range of roleplaying games including table-tops, freeforms/LARPS and board games. Members of the Camarilla often run games at these conventions, some of which are sanctioned Camarilla games that are run as part of the chronicle, compliment the chronicle or run to showcase the games of the club. For more information please contact the convention organisers.

  • EyeCon - Easter Long Weekend
  • SydCon - October (Labour Day) Long Weekend
  • MacCon - Early December