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The 63 Sydney pages are to provide information for potential, new and current members in regards to the the games and running of the Sydney Domain of Beyond the Sunset.

The Camarilla has its own jargon that can be daunting to a new member. Here is a small list to help you out with some of the terms used within the Club and the games we play:

Commonly Used Terms

LARP: Live Action Role Playing.

In Character (IC): Anything that occurs or relates to subjects within the game structure, such as characters dialogue, and storyline.

Out of Character (OoC): Anything that occurs or relates to subjects out side of the game structure.

Character: The persona created by a player in which they use to play the game. This character tends to have identifiable personality, traits, mannerisms and costumes as required. Each character is specific to a particular genre and is usually of thats genres archetype.

Non Player Character (NPC): The persona created by a player or storyteller that is used as a plot device or to add depth to an existing character.

Character Sheet: The way in which the abilities of a character are quantified. For the World of Darkness setting this is a series of dots, representing points, allocated to various aspects of the character such as attributes, skills and merits. Please refer to the World of Darkness source books for detailed instructions on how to create a character sheet. Character sheets can be found on the Sydney Resources page.

Genre: The supernatural focus of the game within the World of Darkness setting, divided by the White Wolf source books. Currently the Camarilla Australia support the Changeling: The Lost, Mage: The Awakening, Vampire: The Requiem and and Werewolf:The Forsaken genres.

Venue: The location and genre of a game in which the members play their characters.

Domain: The city or area of land that runs and coordinates the venue(s). Sydney is known as the Harbour of Darkness domain of the Camarilla Australia.

Downtime: The time that passes between games. Players submit dowtimes to their Storyteller to detail the recent, current and intended actions of their character leading upto the next game. Downtime templates and instructions can be found on the Sydney Resources page.

Club Roles and Positions

Player: The participant of a game that plays a character within the storyline.

Coordinator: A person in charge of the co-ordination side of the Camarilla. This can be on a venue (game), domain (city, national (Australia) or global level.

Storyteller: A person in charge of the storyline (like a GM, Game Master), resolving character actions and NPCs. This can be on a venue (game), domain (city, national (Australia) or global level.

Domain Coordinator (DC): The person that keeps together and organised the paperwork for all the games that are run in Sydney. The DC also represents the members in the Coordinator chain within the national organsisation. The DC can appoint ADC's (Assistant Domain Coordinators) to assist certain aspects of their role.

Domain Storyteller (DST) The person that keeps continuity between the different games that are run in Canberra. They also represent the members in the Storyteller chain within the national organsisation. The DST can appoint ADST's (Assistant Venue Coordinators) to assist certain aspects of their role.

Venue Coordinator (VC): The person that organises all the real life elements of a single game: venue, props, collecting game attendance fees and dispute resolution between members. The VC can appoint AVC's (Assistant Domain Storytellers) to assist certain aspects of their role.

Venue Storyteller (VST): The person that runs the game and is responsible for all the creative (IC) elements of a single game. They approve player characters (PCs) for play, create the plotlines for players to interact with and arrange for Narrators to referee "smack downs" between characters (PCs and/or NPCs). The VST can appoint AVST's (Assistant Venue Storytellers) to assist certain aspects of their role.

Other Terms

Proxy: Sending your character to a game or a scene that you can not attend in person. As this is an international organisation, your character can be travel to other cities or countries to interact with characters there. To avoid the limitations of the real world, players can have their character played out "via proxy". This means that a player in that city will most likely pick up your character sheet, read the instructions you've written and will do their best to fulfil your goals and wishes

MC: Membership Class. As our Club is run by volunteers, the club rewards this service by awarding Prestige. Prestige accumulates to members to rise in Membership Class, which grants extra XP and other benefits. For new members, it means that you can donate a little time help the club out, and you'll get extra XP to put on your characters. The longer you've been in the club, the more you have to do to get something for it.

Metagaming: Bringing OOC knowledge into an IC situation that characters should not know. An example of this is tempting a character with scones after finding out that they liked scones after reading their character history.

Cheese: A slang term, making reference that a characters point (dot) distribution on their sheet is optimised and out of balance. This tends to result in characters that are powerful in one or some minor aspects, leaving it vulnerable and week in the remaining aspects. Like all settings and systems this is going to happen when a player want their character to specialise in a certain aspect and be able to compete with other characters (not always physically). Similar to Munchkin or Power Gamer.