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The 63 Sydney pages are to provide information for potential, new and current members in regards to the the games and running of the Sydney Domain of Beyond the Sunset.

Please note that some documents link directly to those stored on the Camarilla Australia website. Check the Camarilla Australiaa site for most of the forms that you may need. If you don't have a login please contact the Domain Coordinator. The Camarilla Australia website also contains information and documentation in regards to Coordinator's Certificate, Storytellers Certificate, Character Creation Guidelines, Prestige Levels and all rules and regulations relating to the club.

Membership Forms

Membership Application Form (Camarilla Australia)
The form you need to fill out to become a member or renew your membership. You can also renew online at the Camarilla Australia website.

Guest Membership Form (Camarilla Australia)
Want to try it out? Fill out one of these and hand it to the coordinator at the door. Valid for one month, as many games as you can fit in.

Guest Membership Online Form (Camarilla Australia)
An online form is available if people would like a trial Membership to the Camarilla Australia. Valid for six months.

Player Resources

Character Sheets (spreadsheets)
Character sheets for all venues, located on the Camarilla of Canada website. These are available in Excel and Open Office formats available in an editable spreadsheet format.

Sydney Requiem Downtime Template
The downtime template for the Sydney Requiem venue.

Downtime Report Template
Standard downtime template for Sydney's Lost, Forsaken and Awakening Venues.

Sydney Influence Guidelines
Guidelines to allies influence levels with descriptions for use in Sydney venues.

Dynamic World Template
Do you want your allies and retainers to have an impact on the game ? Do you want them to defend potential attacks ? If so fill this form out !

Character Development Questionnaire
This document is to help players and ST’s get some idea on their PC. This will help develop rounded characters and exciting plots.

Character Item Approval Request
This document needs to be sent in for any Approval Request for your character.

Additional Player Resources


The Camarilla Australia Grimiour
The rules by which the Camarilla Australia is govern.

Global Addenda and Settings Documents The rules addendum used on a global level which modify the base rules as detailed in the World of Darkness books. This includes sanctioned books, rules modifications and approval levels.

Coordinator Resources

Sydney Venue Coordinator Guidelines Guidelines for the position of Venue Coordinator.

Sydney Venue Coordinator Report Template for the reporting of Venue Coordinators, and instructions.

Storyteller Resources

ST Toolbox
NPC and management documents for storytellers, located on the Camarilla of Canada website.

Wiki Resources