Tabitha Kelly

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Tabitha Kelly
Concept: Uratha Medic
Tribe: None Yet
Auspice: Rahu
City: Southern Cross
Lodge: None yet
Pack: Packless
Spirit Rank
Player: Claire
Storyteller: Southern Cross VST

Personal Information

Tabitha Kelly is a typical country girl, recently graduated as a vet from Murdoch University in Western Australia. She's known for a larrikin sense of humour, riding campdrafts and barrel racing as well as being a reasonably talented metalsmith.


Long chocolate brown hair usually pulled back in a no nonsense pony tail and clear blue eyes with a ready smile, Tabitha while not conventionally attractive has a down to earth girl next door kind of appeal. She's approximately 5'10" tall and tends to dress in well worn working clothes or jeans with riding boots.


Genuinely good natured and generous, Tabitha is forthright and can be a little hasty at times but makes up for it with her love of life. She enjoys a good time and being around interesting people. And horses - she loves horses.

Mortal World

Recently graduated as a vet, Tabitha is known as an accomplished rodeo rider often seen at major events with her horse, Arcturus.

Information Known by Forsaken Society

Tabitha was born Wolfblooded, having grown up among Uratha in Western Australia. After moving to Forster-Tuncurry to take up a position as the new large animal vet in town, she joined the then Four Points pack that later became Blade's Edge. She later commenced a conversion programme to add full medical registration as a GP to her veterinary degree, and has a particular interest in studying the physiology of Uratha. Chances are if you get injured, she will help patch you up without too much fuss but will ask questions. A lot of questions.

In late February 2019 during a rescue mission in the company of several Uratha, she experienced her First Change under Luna's full gaze. She's now adjusting to life as both packless, having left Blade's Edge shortly after her Change, and as Rahu.



Purity: - changed under the full moon

Quotes By

"Look, even though we carry the Blood, we aren't Uratha. There's things we simply can't handle ourselves, and so we need to be able to work with you for those. It's not in our interest to go looking for beef, but some wolves try to give us a rough time for what we aren't, rather than respect us for what we are - their sisters and cousins, brothers and friends."

"No Tab, bad can't ride something you can't see Tab" - talking about the possibility of finding racehorse spirits

Quotes About

"Can always take the girl out of the country but not the country out of the girl." - Cayden Smith

"Pretty sure she's going to be the source of at least one of my children getting obsessed with horses. This can only end well." - says Lena, smirking in amusement.

"She's fun. Nice, good wit, and the pack loves her, why wouldn't I? Plus, anyone willing to stitch up a PK victim has serious balls." - Astraia Van de Berg

“First time we met Tab I knew we were going to have fun, but it wasn’t till we got to know each other a little better during the croc hunt that I knew she was someone you could depend on. She wasn’t ready then, but I am glad I have been able to bring her to the protectorate she is going to be a useful ally and a great friend.” Wilhelm

"She's blood. We may be nothing alike but she has my respect and support. If she ever needs help I'll be there." - Bram Kelly

""She's fierce, clever, bold and talented. I would not underestimate her." - Bjorn Jansen

"The sister I was never born with. My first true friend. I would die for her." Marishka

"If you need patching up, or even just an ear to bend or a shoulder to lean on, Tab is pretty good for it. Seeks understandings for a problem, but won't hesitate to call you on your bullshit. Was probably a bit dangerous to do that as a blooded, but now she's a Rahu, who knows." - Solomon King


Astraia Van de Berg - "you say you're fine but I'm pretty sure there's at least a little bit of Storm Lord in you"
Tabitha Kelly - "There is not you take that back"
Astraia Van de Berg - "Make me"
Solomon King - "There is. Kind of reminds of Sunny, that 'shut up and get on with it' kind of Storm Lord"


  • Seems to know a lot of people for someone new to the Protectorate
  • What was the thing with the mechanical bull she and Levi joke about?
  • Is buying some new ponies
  • Purrs when excited. Tries to cover it by barking instead

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