Tahlia Fields

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Tahlia 'Tahl' Fields
Concept: Eschewer of humanity
Tribe: Irraka
Auspice: Hunter in Darkness
City: Southern Cross
Lodge: [[Category: CofD|]]
Pack: Lyceum
Spirit Rank
Wisdom --
Player: [mailto: Joshua Smith]
Storyteller: [mailto: Southern Cross VST]
Tahl in Hishu
Tahl in Urhan
Tahl in Urshul
Tahl in Gauru

Personal Information


The thing that comes to mind is always the same. Small. Slight. Petite. Some might even be so kind as to say compact. This shows in every one of her forms... her Urhan is barely larger than a cat.
At a second glance, the words used might start with 'distinctive.' As a wolf Tahl cuts a striking figure, with ash blonde fur and bright green eyes. In Hishu it's even more pronounced. Her hair picks up a touch of gold, and her body gives way to a figure young, slender and gorgeous... if perhaps lacking in the feminine areas.
In Hishu and Dalu, she's never seen without the same white frayed dress.


Skittish, and awkward around strangers, not to mention that she seems to take Hishu form maybe once in a moon. Tahl doesn't talk much, and is openly more comfortable in Urhan or Urshul. Whether she's a loner or just hasn't found the right group remains to be seen.


Small Wolf - By Beth "Rainsong" Masters and Sunny Faulkner
Deed Names
She doesn't like talking about it
Information Known by Forsaken Society
She showed up in the Forster-Tuncurry Protectorate in January 2018, and that's where she's been since. Quite the roamer, it seems, and she's been seen on the boundaries (but never past them) of most of the territories there.
She seems extremely nervous around people in, as far as can be seen so far, anything but Urhan and Urshul forms. It's unclear exactly how far this extends.


Recent Events

Quotes By

"The mother has loved you much." - To Benjamin Rivers

"Uratha need it. It is us, like dirt beneath paw here. Like wind in fur. Like water on tongue. Is hard place, but it home." - Tahl, regarding the Hisil

"...Friends... pack... friends. I want pack. I want. Was not sure... but wanted so much."

Quotes About

"Chibi-san!" - Midori Otomo

"I've made my choice. The rest is up to you. Sleep well. I'll be on guard." - Sunny Faulkner

"I don't know how to explain it, but there's... some connection I feel. Almost like she's another daughter but not one I birthed. She understands the darker side of Luna's face in a way I don't usually see, and that... that's important- we're not all bathed in Her light, and Tahl both gets that and understands why that's important." - Lena Faulkner, to John Rivers about her fellow Irraka.


"The human in Singing Fox is strong, she is new to ways of Wolf. Small Wolf is nervous of humans, she wished to reassure you of safety. Pack wishes to help Small Wolf find balance between Man and Wolf - they see pain in Small Wolf's tale" - Beth "Rainsong" Masters
"Human is dark and alone and suffering. Will sky-sound show singing fox? Pain is moon touch. Breaks us." - Tahl

"-then I have looked at myself thinking about my "other" self and feel that this skin doesn't belong to me, as if it's something separated from the real me." - Rei
"Wolf different. But wolf same. Both you." - Tahl

"You know my tale. Tell me of yours Tahlia, local of Forster-Tuncurry" - Benjamin Rivers
"It is not a good tale. I do not wish to tell it." - Tahl

"You run with a pack?" - Benjamin Rivers
"No longer." -Tahl
"You maintain a connection with a Totem on your own?" - Benjamin Rivers
"It is better than walking alone." - Tahl

"So I think, at this point, we train. We scout. We do what we can stomach with the Fire Touched. And we work to get Hunter's Rest back." - Sunny Faulkner
"...Burn it. Nu Mus Halhala. Burn it." - Tahl
"Let No Sacred Place in Your Territory Be Violated? ...Wait, that could be a good idea, it would get rid of PKs in the territory." - Rei Washington
"Yes. She's a Mennina." - Sunny Faulkner
"Sounds like something they would say" - Charles
"Fire is very cleansing." - Bowie
"And the land remembers when it was tamed by fire" - Sunny Faulkner
"Sounds good to me. If it isn't our land, then like fuck it's gonna be theirs." - Bowie
- The Lyceum, agreeing on the appropriate treatment for the desecration of Hunter's Rest.


  • Made a deal with a Spirit to learn how to speak. She has to keep renewing the lease.
  • Is not an Uratha, but actually an Urhanu.
  • Loved by the spirits of water, and she loves them back
  • Really quite cheeky if given the chance
  • Is even younger than she looks
    • Or is it the other way around?
  • She really doesn't like talking about her past
  • Does she have any other clothing?
  • Is really bad with remembering names

Inspirations and Soundtrack

OOC Information

Member Information
Player: [mailto: Joshua Smith]
Number: 2014020035
Domain: Southern Cross