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Concept: Unknown
Path: Acanthus
Order: Adamantine Arrow
Consilium: Southern Cross
Legacy Legacy
Cabal: Heathens
Player: Alex MacKenzie
Storyteller: Southern Cross VST

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Personal Information


6’3, his hair changes between Blonde/Black and Red. Tattoo sleeves with numerous pop culture themes


His noticeable piece is a sleeveless doctors coat. He tends to wear smart black trousers and a short sleeve business shirt


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Astraeus is Bi, he isn’t shy about people knowing this.



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Mortal World

==Sleeper Alias== To some, Jerome Monroe. Within the Medical Field- Marcus Quinn
==Sleeper Occupation== MD


Nimbus Characteristics

Known Information

Explain what of the above is known, and what markers separate the known from unknown information.


Enchanter/Warlock/Necromancer/Theurgist/Shaman of the (order)

Nicknames and Aliases

Doctor Marcus Quinn, Dr McHotty (to the nursing staff, usually where they think he can't hear them)


Astraeus in Galyfreyan.png

Date of Birth: 24/09/1950.
Childhood: Was there anything that was unique about their childhood? What was their family like? Did they go to school or get homeschooled?
Awakening: How did they awaken? What it was like?
Tutelage: Initial Tutor was Lady J. He spent 10 years with her before he was rescued by Thoth

  • 1950- Born
  • 1955- Started school
  • 1963- Graduated Primary school
  • 1963- Joined the local St Johns Cadets, showed talent for first aid
  • 1966- Became Cadet Leader, natural leadership skills start showing
  • 1968- Joined Adult Division, he always seemed to be in the right place at the right time when people needed help
  • 1968- Started studying at Harvard Medical School to be a Doctor
  • 1975- Graduated Harvard Medical School, started internship
  • 1977- Finished internship, got position in emergency
  • 1980- Started stealing medical supplies to be able to treat those without health insurance
  • 1984- Arrested and jailed for theft of medical supplies
  • 1986- (November) Awoke in Prison, struggled for a time before meeting Lady J soon after his release.
    • Over the next 10 years, he slowly slipped further and further under Lady J. He got more and more deranged and cared less and less what he did to people. Lady J and Thoth clashed a number of times during these 10 years; eventually Thoth stopped purely fighting her, and attempted to rescue Astraeus.
  • 1996- Thoth once again clashed with Lady J. Again unsuccessful in capturing her, he rescues Astraeus from her ‘care’. Much of the next 10 years were spent with Thoth, as he mentored and rehabilitated him. There are unproven rumours that powerful Mind Magic was involved.
  • 2006- Astraeus finally went his own way, following the threads of Fate where ever they lead him.
  • 2007- Found Circe in a bar after her tour of duty. He was present when she awoke and mentored her for a time.
  • 2011- Fate once again led him to another Mage pre-awakening. He met Dogwood in an overnight prison cell. Not long after he was there for his awakening as well. He mentored him longer than he did Circe.
  • 2011: (October) Gets caught, willingly, to be thrown in jail in Melbourne to meet his to be Cabal mates: No-One, Sliver, and Jinx.
  • 2012: (March) No-One gets sick of being in jail. Astraeus picks the right time for them to escape. Sliver doesn’t join them when they escape
  • 2012: Returns to Launceston. Purchases a house
  • Late 2012: Rescued Medea, after her awakening, from her family with Circe
  • 2013: Astraeus gets arrested in Mexico. Spends 4 months in jail
  • 2014: Settled in Launceston. Moves back into the house he has been renting out since he left in Circe’s care and gets a job at Launceston General Hospital.

Recent events

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Quotes by

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Quotes about

"I love him so much, but there are times... when he does something and it scares me... but he loves me just as much so it's all good, right?"
- Medea
"A man more broken than most patients I've seen, and I'm a trauma surgeon."
- Nephilim
"He tries really hard to help."
- Sybella
"He deserves mercy. He's earned that."
- Thoth
"One of my oldest friends. He has his demons to face, and sometimes I worry for him, but his heart is strong, and his dedication even stronger."
- Circe
"Ashtray is a better Name..."
- Invar
"The sufer boy did good, held ground till everyone but Fuckstick had withdrawn"
- Rifling, reporting on Astraeus to Noodle Boy


Nephilim: "I have a patient presenting PTSD symptoms but I am a surgeon, not a psychologist. A male, young and clearly depressed. Broken, physically scarred and mentally backwards."
Astraeus: "Speak to his family perhaps?"
Nephilim: "In the four months I've seen him around, he's not once been with family, and he does not speak of them. He has isolated himself and when someone came along, he clung so tight, even if she did not see it at first she eventually realised and left."
Astraeus: "I don't know what I can suggest for you But I think that talking to him will definitely help. It will take time, especially if he has been alone and dealing by himself for a long time."
Nephilim: "Yes, I understand. We can't save everyone as you have told me. But that won't stop me trying"
Astraeus: "You are a good doctor Nephilim, and I am sure that if anyone, you will be the one to save the poor boy."
Nephilim: "Yes. After all, we wouldn't want him winding up like you have, would we Doctor Quinn?"

- Nephilim using an analogy on a rather drunk Astraeus.

Medea: "Trey, drop the knight in shining armour routine. It suits you sometimes, just not... not now. I don't need to be rescued. I know what I'm doing."

Astraeus: "I think I remember from what you've showed me before"
Astraeus looks for wraps for his hands first, putting them on before the gloves
Big Panda: "Alright, alright, woah. Slow down turbo."
Astraeus: "What?"
Big Panda:
"this gym is my church. You want to come pray at my altar"
Panda gestures to the ring,
"then you need to treat this"
Panda grabs Treys hands
"this whole process, with respect."
Astraeus nods
Astraeus: "What have I missed?"
Big Panda: "do it again. but think about what you're doing here. feel... something. you're about to spill blood. know that and accept it, grow from it. take your time."
Astraeus sits at the end of a bench nearby and labourously binds and tapes his hands before donning gloves

- Big Panda Teaches Astraeus that there is meaning in oft-thought meaningless things.


  • He's like mega old
    • I don't think he's as old as Thoth
      • That's cause he drinks the life force of the young

Inspirations and Soundtrack

  • Britney Spears- Criminal
  • Nightcore- Pretty Little Psycho

OOC Info

Member Information
Player: Alex MacKenzie
Number: 2016020006
Domain: Launceston