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Concept: Conspiracy Theorist
Tribe: Iron Masters
Auspice: Irraka
City: Brisbane
Lodge: [[Category: CofD|]]
Pack: Enigma
Spirit Rank
Cunning •••
Player: Rod Austin
Storyteller: Brisbane VST

Personal Information


Concealed, definitely hiding something. Usually wearing a cap pulled down low or wearing a hoodie. Sunglasses. Anything that makes it hard or impossible to actually identify him. Dark clothes, often with a backpack, gloves, comms system. Has something in or on his hand. Whether it does anything, who knows. Anything that might identify him, is a deliberate misdirection.

He will usually move around, head tipped slightly down, to minimise eye contact. He also refuses photographs, despises social media and selfies. He will pay cash, or using a ripped credit card.


He seems paranoid, always looking around, always fidgeting, always clicking away. He is also always going on about conspiracy theories, the government this, the corporations that.

He tends to approach from behind, or stand behind people. It's probably the Irraka in him, and the paranoia. Also usually is concealing himself.


Pack Alpha of Enigma






Omagedden (OMG)

Mortal References
 Mark Allen Scott - Telco technician
 Bob John McArthur - Computer engineer
 Billie Taylor - (unknown)
Information Known by Forsaken Society

TB was a in University for a lot of years, until the change. He had a bunch of letters after his name, before there was some sort of Internet Cafe incident, in the early 2000's.

After the change, he joined a pack, the Scion of Neptune. They were well established, but didn't have an Iron Master He was with them a few years, but there was one mission, one encounter to take out a Pure strong point, where it all went horribly wrong. China Bull, Dyson and Uncle North Star, all lost their lives. Peace Song and Charlie Horse, survived with Terror Byte, but in the days after, they left, and the the Scion was no more.

He took the loss of his first pack hard, and stayed a lone wolf for some years, and became a little more, well weird. Paranoia began to set in hard, and the conspiracies were around every corner.

In 2014, he joined a new pack, Enigma. Led by another Irraka, he again was the only Iron Master. He remains with them now, as their focus is not standing out, and blending into the system.

They formed to help stand against the Pure incursion that was sweeping through Toowoomba. They used their totem to help them hide, remain hard to find, and striking against assets in the city, to support the other packs, defend their territory, and the greater Toowoomba Protectorate.


  • 1976 - Born in Toowoomba.
  • 1988 - Attended state high school. Also started
  • 1993 - Went to University. Studies a lot of IT, System Admin, Engineering, Corporate Law. First came across the Professor.
  • 1996 - Started his online personas. Being involved with data mining, napster, back door exploits, hacks.
  • 2003 - The Incident caused by the change. Substance abuse from the Chemistry department, a psychotic episode, and well.. it's now "the Incident"
  • 2004 - Invited into the "Scion of Neptune" pack. Alpha was China Bull. You know, like a "bull in a china shop". Shit gets broken!
  • 2009 - The Scion was no more. Half died in one strike, after a betrayal in the name of 'peace'. The others left the country.
  • 2013 - Formed together a new pack, Enigma. Less noticable, harder to find. Formed to defend against the wave of Pure threatening the Protectorate.
  • 2017 - Despite better judgment, and with warning, was asked to be Alpha of Enigma. TB, JB, DP, 2D. (Terror Byte, Johnny Bravo, Dirty Professor & 2 Dicks)

Recent Events


Quotes By

"Do you want me to help, or do you just want it done?" When speaking to Vamps trying to fix a problem.

"Quote" - reference

Quotes About

"Quote" - reference


"Quote" - reference


  • Was responsible for killing his last pack.

Inspirations and Soundtrack

  • Mel Gibson in Conspiracy Theory
  • Aiden Pierce, from Watch Dogs games

OOC Information

Member Information
Player: Rod Austin
Number: AU1997100188
Domain: Toowoomba