Theo Farron

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Theo Farron
Concept: Coffee-swilling hipster
Tribe: Bone Shadows
Auspice: Cahalith
City: Forster-Tuncurry
Lodge: Lodge of the Chronicle
Pack: Memory
Spirit Rank ••
Honor ••
Wisdom •••
Player: Alex Strange
Storyteller: Forster-Tuncurry VST
CahalithBone Shadow
Lore's Herald

Personal Information

Physical Description

Theo gives the impression of being smaller and slighter than his actual 5'11" and 90kg. He has brown hair, brown eyes, olive skin and is in his mid-twenties, but with his horn-rimmed glasses, loose-fitting beanie and hipster-chic attire people tend not to focus on that.

It seems like he makes a particular effort to smell really good though - apparently he forks out for luxury body-wash.

Theo also has the following markings on his body:

  • A Glory brand on his tongue
  • A Wisdom brand on each palm
  • A Wisdom brand between his shoulder blades, and scars of a raking claw wound on either side of it
  • An Honor brand over his heart
  • An Honor brand on his throat
  • Bite scar on his left leg


Theo is not really a fighter and tends to back down from physical threats. He's more into good coffee, biting sarcasm and obscure films and music you don't know.

He's equal parts Bone Shadow and Cahalith - he collects stories, but he's just as fond of keeping them to himself for special occasions.

Information Known by Forsaken Society

Theo is part of a small pack called "Memory", made up of their totem Liar-Bird, a lyrebird trickster spirit, and the Bone Shadow uralath Ghost-Foe.

He lives down the Cape Hawke end of Forster and their pack territory is Cape Hawke (boundary markers are McBrides Beach Trail and Dunns Creek). The forest out that way is pretty dense.

He's known to engage in parkour in his off time... and he seems to have a lot of off time.

He also has a twin sister, Riley, who is an Elodoth Bone Shadow (she underwent First Change about a week after he did) and they hate each other - she thinks he's a lazy, self-centred arse and he thinks she's a corporate sell-out. She lives in Melbourne though so their paths rarely cross these days.


  • Late 1991 - Born
  • Early 2009 - Age 17: Underwent First Change, swore to the Bone Shadows
  • Late 2009 - Age 18: Joined the Lodge of the Chronicle
  • Mid 2011 - Age 19: Moved to Forster, possibly to get away from his family in Melbourne
  • 2012 - Theo disappears a few days before the Week of Broken Howls and returns a few days after
  • Early 2013 - Age 21: Started doing a part time BA at the University of New England online

Recent Events


Quotes By

"Quote" - reference

Quotes About

"I'm not sure I get him, but he's good at what he does. I can't help shake the feeling that he's what I'd be like if G-pa and G-ma had let me get much more whimsical"
- Sunny Faulkner

"A vegan? How does that work, he's a wolf? Not sure if he's having us on or just trying really hard to be incisive and edgy?"
- Tabitha Kelly


"Quote" - reference


  • Is... is he vegan?
  • His twin is a lawyer in Melbourne.

OOC Inspirations and Soundtrack

  • Main inspiration: the deed name "Runs-with-Biscotti"

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