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Concept: Unknown
Path: Thyrsus
Order: Free Council ••
Consilium: Southern Cross ••
Legacy None
Cabal: Team Thrillseeker
Player: Shaye McCarthy-Atkinson
Storyteller: Southern Cross VST
Thrills Awakening.jpg
Thrills FaceClaim.jpg
Thrills FaceClaim2.jpg
Thrills Skateboard.jpg

Personal Information


Thrills is an Athletic and attractive man in his mid to late twenties with short brown hair and tanned skin. He tends to dress in a surfer style but also wears jeans, and leather jackets. 6'0"

Thrills is an Athletic and attractive female in her mid twenties with long brown/blonde hair and tanned skin. She tends to dress in a skater, beach kid style but also wears skinnies, and leather jackets. 5'9"

They've got two tattoos, on their left arm they have two solid band tattooed on their forearm, on their chest (left side) they have a tattoo of a turtle. Then they have the scarifications, on each of their thumbs they have scarification of skulls and their back is a full scarification piece made of flowers and other natural shapes. For more visual representations please check the pinterest board I made for Thrills.


Animals in the area all turn to Thrills and make noise, though even in the absence of animals their noise can be heard.


Thrills seems chill when you first get to know them and one quickly realises that he doesn't care what a person looks like, their age is, or their background is as they treat everyone the same. Criminal or law enforcer, lover or not, it's all hellos and smiles, it's always playful banter and always flirty. It takes time to get to know them from there, to see someone beyond his first impression because they hold that so steady but there's more, mostly only his cabal know that Thrills is pretty jaded about the world, almost to the point of nihilistic. they seeks the thrills not because they enjoys them but because they're looking for something, something they can't seem to find. Its the same with sleeping around, Thrils loves the energy and the life, the primal nature but it's not just for the act it's a need to try and seek out something tangible. And it only means they're going to push further and harder to find that something.

That spark that set their soul a light.

The Thrill of an awakening.


  • 1973 - Born
  • 1994 - Awaken
  • 2011 - Went to jail in Melbourne for a few months
  • 2011 - Joined Heathens
  • 2012 - Rage quit Heathens
  • 2012 - Formed Team Thrillseeker

Recent Events

The Little Black Book

I am not intending to do any explicit role play, it will be fade to black. She/He will be flirty yes but the sexual side of things won't be over the top or anything and s/he isn't going to be bragging about the notches in their belt. The relationship intensity will be defined by you and I will either match what you define or be less than, never more. I won't be coercing or pushing anyone into anything with Thrills, and you can always have a chat to me OOC about it all ❤

Character Booty Call Status Relationship Status Preferred
Astraeus No Sorta Friends Either
Circe No Friends Male
No-One Nah Friends Female
Medea nah Friend Male
Sybella YAS This is my beautiful Girlfriend Either
Mara nah Friends Male
Janice NO Ex, Not Friends Either
Hawk Nah Friendly Enough Male
Maskelyne Nah Maybe Friends Female
Hydra (Einar) Yeah Love my cutie boyfriend Either
Hydra (The rest) Nah Friends Female
Raw Yeah Friends Female


Quotes By

"Anything that gets my blood racing is probs worth doing,"

"Twenty bucks says I can do it,"

"Fucking Gnarly,"

"Ah, why does everyone ask about Janice? Look, she fell in love with someone else, yes I'm heartbroken, yes I don't want to talk to her. No it's not your business, and yes I'm going to go drink a lot and hook up with who ever I can. No you don't need to help me, fuck just give me some time, it's not even six months and they're fucking married okay. Just let me go through my grieving in peace and quiet, fucking hell."

Quotes About

"Thrills is as straight as a roundabout" - Medea talking straight-faced about Thrills' sexuality.

"I don't know the best way to handle it. I'm just... as nice and understanding as possible. I keep using kid gloves around them, give them as much space as I can. I'm stuck in this weird purgatory where I try to make what happened as easy to deal with as possible, because I don't know how else to make up for it." - Janice

"Thrills? They're a little spark of hope. Always have been." - Thoth


Thrills, after a one night stand with Sybella

"Oh, before you go, you know you're all sparkly right?"

Sybella, hungover and very, very confused.


Thrills shakes his head, smirking.

"Not like that... yer a wizard, 'Arry."

Sybella blinks, rubs her eyes, and frowns.

"A what?"

Thrills chuckles.

"A wizard. A mage. Magic."

Sybella raises an eyebrow.

"Are you high?"


  • He was a Sk8er Boi, she said "see ya later boy" he wasn't good enough for her
  • They are actually two mages, who share a telepathic bond, and use life magic to have a similar pattern. It's a plan to prep for a major crime, which they need a great alibi for.
  • Thrills is actually very old, but uses life magic to stay young and "hip". Evidence: They use the word hip.
  • Is on a quest to bang everyone.
    • Is actually conducting an experiment to find the best fuck in Launceston.
      • They don't care who the best is, they just wanna find someone who is better than they are.
        • They already found them, though. Too soon?
          • Thrills laughed real fucking hard when he heard this one.
  • Deals with a breakup the way many men wish they had the ability to. By getting under everyone else.
  • Would be a player, if they weren't so nice after. And so clear about their intentions.
    • Good guy Thrills, it's just sex, but you know that going in.
  • They've been spending a lot of time at the circus.
    • They must have slept with half the performers by now.
      • I hear they have been just going to see only one of the Cirque.
        • I heard they turned down a booty call to go to the Cirque.
          • Has anyone else noticed that one of the Hydra's is wearing Thrills' bracelet, you know, the one Thrills has always worn?
            • Doesn't Thrills have a new Bracelet?
  • Janice broke his heart. She broke his heart badly.
    • Is this even gossip? I thought everyone knew this. Especially Jan.
  • Since when does Thrills have a braid?
    • When he's a dude it looks like he's going for the Jedi look.
  • Loves to get wet.
  • Has an infinite supply of swimware.

Inspirations and Soundtrack

OOC Information

Member Information
Player: Shaye McCarthy-Atkinson
Number: 2011120002
Domain: Twilight Alliance