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The Freehold

The Freehold Of The Clouds is actually a small settlement in the Hedge known as the Four Sun Settlement, which was primarily built from the ground up by Jorge Masern. It contains a meeting hall, an inn and a variety of other places (PC run and otherwise). The Changelings of Toowoomba have their gatherings in the meeting hall.

History Of Toowoomba

The Freehold Of The Clouds was established in 1959 by a group of four changelings. They helped out other changelings as they escaped but not many changelings stayed for too long and those who did, only few stayed alive or sane very long.

In 1981 several of the changelings who had come to the freehold since it's creation, revealed themselves to be loyalists and led the Fae to the Freehold, most of those who escaped the Fae were captured and sold by the goblins, only 5 made it out completely, the four founders and one who's name has been lost and who hasn't been seen since.

On the turn of the millenium, the Hedge around the Toowoomba area ceased to exist for 4 seconds. In those 4 seconds, a still unknown number of changelings escaped into the real world, some of these went crawling back, some fled further, some stayed around. The next day over 50 missing persons were reported to the police. The Hedge was changed when it came back into existence, while still having the same basic layout, features had changed.

In 2005 the Goblin King was assassinated and the Changelings were framed for it. This sparked a war which lasted 3 years and consisted mainly of small skirmishes. Over the years, the fighting died down but then in 2009 the new Goblin King decided to attack the Changelings again, this caused another war, one of a much grander scale. Which peaked at what is now called The Battle of X in which Machiel slew the tyrannical Goblin King.

Character Creation Guideline

(NOTE: This section will be removed once the game commences, this points will be required for characters)

  1. You were a human, exceptional in some way. Eventually through trickery, or force you were taken by Loyalists to The Others. (How did this happen?)
  2. In The Realm of the Gentry reality overcame your ability to comprehend it and you would have lost yourself to The Beautiful Madness if you weren't able to hold onto *something* from the real world. (What do you remember? What kept you sane and brought you back?)
  3. You were able to escape, the details are lost to you but you remember the tear of your soul on the thorns, the overwhelming desire to return to your special *something*. (How did you escape?)
  4. You were found by creatures like you, like your master. They carried you away, locked you up, interrogated you, bound you in pledges and eventually let you go. (How did this affect you?)
  5. You found your way into a Motley for safety and to stop the suspicious stares. Bound into another Pledge in the process and more duties. (Which Motley did you join? Why?)
  6. Finally you find the autonomy to search for your special *something* and now you have something you need to keep secret and safe, even from your Motley. For the other Lost would use it to control you if they could. Everyone has a weakness. (What is your Secret and Weakness?)
  7. And as time progressed you made a name for yourself, stories spread. (What rumours circulate about you?)

Court Positions

The Seasonal Monarchs
The true rulers of the Freehold, the most powerful and respected members of their respective Great Court. Despite voluntarily granting regency to rule these Lost advise the Regent and may revoke his/her powers with a unanimous decision.

Machiel of the Iron Spear, The Crimson King of the Court of Wrath.
El Rey of the Leaden Mirror, The Ashen King of the Court of Fear.
Kindle of the Silent Arrow, The Onyx King of the Court of Sorrow.
Dr. Tim of the Antler Crown, The Emerald King of the Court of Desire.

Members of the Court

CTLCourtAutumn.png CTLCourtSpring.png CTLCourtSummer.png CTLCourtWinter.png

Character Court Seeming Est. Position Freehold Standing Player
Machiel Summer Darkling Est. Summer Monarch 2 Stoney
Rowan Ulferson Spring Beast 2013 Sergeant Of Arms 1 James Cargill
Georgia Meadows Spring Beast 2014 None 1 Elizabeth Churchward
Ysabel Autumn Darkling 2015 None 1 Dee Pettigrew
Character Court Seeming Est. Position Freehold Standing Player

Tim, former monarch of Spring has turned away from the hazards of the Fae freehold and it's members, braving the world in secret, enjoying the sun up north.

Kindle, former monarch of Winter, has successfully become little more than a memory. People sometimes wonder if he was real at all, or just an

El Rey, martyred at a massive event in Brisbane in a last effort to save an innocent.

Tree, has moved on to greener pastures, or forests maybe.

A few new ones have found sanctuary here, and may they find peace.

Character Court Seeming Est. Position Status Former Player
Dr. Timothy Hoebak Spring Fairest 1993 Spring Monarch Moved away Rod Austin
Kindle Winter Wizened 2013 Pledge Master, Winter Monarch Disappeared Michael
El Rey Autumn Beast 2014 Autumn Monarch Dead Rod Austin
Tree FitzArbor Spring Elemental 2014 None Lost Daniel Crabb
Character Court Seeming Est. Position Status Former Player

Beast logo.png Darkling logo.png Fairest logo.png LogoElemental.png Ogres logo.png Wizened logo.png

Freehold Pledges

'Ere be the freehold pledge.

I swear upon this (*) token that I shall be faithful to the Freehold of the Clouds and its rightful seasonal monarch; to cause no member of it harm unjustly and to lend the use of my skills for the good of its sworn members.

Should I be forsworn by the Monarch, may I suffer the wrath of the Freehold curse, and be banished from the protections of the freehold and it's members.

* The Tokens, vary upon the season of the time, as follows...

Summer - Banner; Autumn - ? ; Winter - Snow globe; Spring - Tome of our History

Well Known Locals

The Founder Motley
These are the Changelings who founded the Freehold.

"The Oracle" Martha Juliette Brahm, Former Queen of the Leaden Mirror. (NPC)
"The Mason" Jorge Harry Masern, Former King of the Silent Arrow. (NPC)
"The Knight" Henry Arthur Huyle, Former King of the Iron Spear. (NPC)
"The Bard" Julian Lewis Gruthen, Former King of the Antler Crown. (NPC)

The Stories of Toowoomba

Upcoming Events

  • With the pledged struggling with their dreams, some most unsettling, all emerge from their lives to gather at the Freehold, as we turn to Winter, to discuss these restless nights, and most importantly, why it is that we all have seen strangers are visiting. Friend or foe, is yet to be known.. Let things fall where they may, afore we run away, to play another day. (June premise)

Known Information

  • If you took the time to count the amassed collection my Mr Harold Bluejay, of his fine collection of socks anyway, you would discover that the right outnumbers the left, by three in every five, so most have been left with the left.