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Venue Style Sheet: Toowoomba Requiem

Follow this link Toowoomba Requiem VSS to view the Toowoomba Requiem, VSS.

What on earth is a VSS I hear you say. Well, this document is the style sheet for the venue, and helps you to better understand the type and style of game being run and lets you know any variations to the core understanding of the rules, with some things that make sense on a local level.

It also contains information regarding downtime activity, experience awards, and other important bits and pieces relevant to the Toowoomba Requiem venue.

Current approval - VTRVSS1305-Toowoomba

The Toowoomba Court

Court Positions

Prince: His Eminence, Aeron Sebrus Cardinal of Toowoomba
Seneschal: Wilhelm Godfrey von Konigsberg
Paige to the Prince: Natalya Chenyenkov
Sheriff: Rick Hammond

Deputy Sheriff:

Scourge/Hound: Rick Hammond
Prince's Harpy: Charles Volmark
Keeper of Elysium:

The Primogen Council:
The term Primogen denotes a Kindred of age and/or power, of good standing in the court. The Primogen act as advisers to the Prince of the city, and shall be selected from those outside existing positions.


Non-Court Positions

Daeva Priscus: Dragmar Chenyenkov

Whip: Konstantina Chenyenkov

Gangrel Priscus: -

Whip: Vilrec Langlifr

Mekhet Priscus: John Zerek

Whip: -

Nosferatu Priscus: Charles Lawrence

Whip: Aeron Sebrus

Ventrue Priscus: Wilhelm Godfrey von Konigsberg

Whip: Unannounced

Priscus or People's Harpy: -

Members of the Court

LogoCovenantCarthianMovement 70x70.png LogoCovenantCircleoftheCrone 70x70.png LogoCovenantInvictus 70x70.png LogoCovenantLanceaSanctum 70x70.png LogoCovenantOrdoDracul 70x70.png LogoCovenantUnaligned 70x70.jpg

Character Arrival Covenant Clan/Bloodline House Position City Status Player
Aeron Sebrus 1878, 1928, 1970 Lancea Sanctum Ventrue - Prince 5 Rod Austin
Charles Lawrence 1978 Invictus Nosferatu House Volmark Harpy 3 Nick Wittman
Wilhelm Godfrey von Konigsberg 1990 Lancea Sanctum Ventrue - Seneschal 4 Justin Stone
Soltee Deep 1960 Circle of the Crone Gangrel - - 1 Nathan Rees
Lord Wight 1996 Circle of the Crone Mekhet - - 2 Derek Pickering
Estelle Herries 2006 Circle of the Crone Mekhet - - 1 Ellen Long
The Merchant 1960 Circle of the Crone Nosferatu - - 2 Daniel Dries
Donald B. Hunt (absent from court) Invictus Gangrel - - 1 Brady Crabb
Dominic Vaccari 2008 Unaligned Ventrue - - 1 Ashley Tibbits
Vilrec Langlifr (absent from court) 2013 Circle of the Crone Gangrel House Valdyr Gangrel Whip 1 Joshua Connolly
Konstantina Chenyenkov 2014 Carthian Movement Daeva - Priscus Harpy 1 Aleesha Gard
Natalya Chenyenkov 2014 Carthian Movement Daeva - Paige 2 Calista Walters
Dragmar Chenyenkov 2014 Carthian Movement Daeva - Daeva Priscus 1 Justin Manns
Rick Hammond 2014 Lancea Sanctum Nosferatu Volmark Lawman 2 Ben Verschaeren
John Zerek 2014 Unaligned Mekhet - Mekhet Priscus 1 Ian Humphrey

LogoDaeva 70x70.png LogoGangrel 70x70.png LogoNosferatu 70x70.png LogoMekhet 70x70.png LogoVentrue 70x70.png

Former Members of the Court

Character Arrival Covenant Clan/Bloodline House Position City Status Player
Harriet Valdyr (Deceased) Invictus Gangrel House Valdyr N/A N/A Aleesha Gard
Charlotte Valdyr (MIA) Invictus Gangrel House Valdyr N/A 1 Calista Walters
Karl Alexandru Cuza (Retired) Circle of the Crone Ventrue - N/A N/A Justin Manns
Orpheus Lestrange (now Brisbane) Circle of the Crone Ventrue - N/A 2 Damian Reddan
Axel Hurz (absent from court) Circle of the Crone Nosferatu - - 1 Nik Mroz
Lord Walter Kane (MIA) Invictus Daeva Navishenko - 2 Luke Verschaeren
Dylan Strider (retired) Invictus Mekhet - - N/A Jon Knowles
Donald B. Hunt (absent from court) Invictus Gangrel - - 1 Brady Crabb
Eric Baker (retired) Circle of the Crone Ventrue - - N/A Matthew Binskin
Fredrick Archibald Potterington Gauge (absent from court) Circle of the Crone Nosferatu - - 1 Colin Heemskerk
Glycon (absent from court) Circle of the Crone Gangrel  ??? - 1 Nic Kirkaldy
Zeke Volmark (retired) Lancea Sanctum Nosferatu House Volmark - N/A Kurt Schmidt
Doc Savage (retired) Unaligned Nosferatu - - N/A Dan O'Shea
Ducken Deep (retired) Invictus Gangrel - - N/A Eric Guillen
Dawn Rogers Circle of the Crone Ventrue - - 1 Kellie Flemwell

Laws of the Court

The First Law

The Tradition of Masquerade.
Above all else, mortals hate and fear what they do not understand. They must never truly understand the Damned. They must know only that hunters lurk in the darkness, waiting to devour.

The Second Law

The Tradition of Progeny.
All vampires realize that the act of the Embrace diminishes some aspect of the self. The moral blame for each Embrace falls squarely on the individual sire, rather than the vampiric society as a whole that allowed it.

The Third Law

The Tradition of Diablerie.
The abomination of the Amaranth. The Amaranth, is a sin and a distraction from moral unlife, and that those who engage in it suffer from corrupted souls and should be put down for the benefit of the entire race.

The Forth Law

The acceptance of Domain.
Those Acknowledged by the Praxis holder, or any that might visiting the domain, accept they fall under the Domain of the Praxis holder"

The Fifth Law

The Destruction of Kindred is not permitted.
Only in the most dire circumstance of Heresy, can destruction be tolerated. Those determined to be criminals of the most serious crimes, can expect to spend the remainder of their requiem in internal torment, never again to see the night sky, remaining there until their final day of Judgement.

The Sixth Law

Elysium will be respected.
None shall defile, destroy or disrespect the Elysium, it's contents or those that find peace there.

History Toowoomba

Arrivals and key events

Pre 1900

  • 1878 . A Ventrue arrives in the region. Aeron Sebrus, of the Lancea Sanctum comes to the area. From Europe, via England, and is frequently seen around for around a decade, with frequent travel between Toowoomba and Brisbane and neighbouring townships. In 1889, he departs, with no intentions to return to this country.

1900 to 1950

  • 1928. A Ventrue returns to the city, and Aeron Sebrus is a common sight at court events as part of the leadership council of the city, before departing the country again around 1935.
  • 1942. Charlotte Valdyr and her twin sister Harriet Valdyr settle in Toowoomba.

Year 1951 to 2000

Year 2001 to 2010

Year 2011 to now

  • 2013, July. With the destruction of a Harpy, truth reveals the Ventrue Prince has also been destroyed, his throne kept warm by a Mekhet impersonator. Now deposed, and thrust with violence into the realms of Torpor, a new holder of Praxis stands. A Lady of the Invictus, Charlotte Valdyr. With a new Prince comes new positions. Orpheus Lestrange became Seneschal, Walter Kane became Sheriff, Karl Alexandru Cuza became Prince's Harpy and Harriet Valdyr became Scourge.
  • 2013, August. Doc Savage appears during a Court Gathering accusing the Sheriff Walter Kane and his squad of attacking the Necropoli. Doc Savage begins attending Toowoomba Court.
  • 2013, September. Orpheus Lestrange is removed as Seneschal. Karl Alexandru Cuza passes his position of Prince's Harpy to Lord Wight and becomes the new Seneschal. Fredrick Archibald Potterington Gauge begins attending Toowoomba Court.
  • 2013, October. A supernatural creature (identified as a Fairy) appears during the Toowoomba gathering looking for Orpheus Lestrange. The two disappear for a time. They return and the Fairy announces that a treaty between the Kindred and the Fairy's needs to be struck to prevent future fallout between the two. A compromise is reached. Eric Baker begins attending Toowoomba Court.
  • 2013, November. Glycon begins attending Toowoomba Court.
  • 2014, April. Aeron Sebrus takes the Praxis of Toowoomba, as Charlottle Valdyr yields. Wilhelm Godfrey von Konigsberg removed as Keeper, and appointed as Hound. Charlotte Valdyr appointed as Sheriff. Orpheus Lestrange appointed to Master of Elysium. Position of Harpy not yet replaced. No Seneschal appointed.
  • 2014, May. The kindred Walter Kane is invited to attend and prove his innocence in the violence. Failing to meet his deadline, a reward was announced by the Prince, of a territory within Toowoomba to the kindred or coterie that brought the still body of Walter Kane to him. The Prince of Brisbane added to the kitty, declaring that should any of Brisbane do this, that he would also provide territory within his Domain. Last word was that he was taken by a nest of Kindred to the north. Bounty remains unclaimed.
  • 2015, March. The return of a Kindred buried beneath the city calling himself Shamus of the Succubi, and his search for his sire known as Orion. Both now missing.
    IC News: Work on the new city shopping centre experiencing delays as an entire work crew declared missing. Police still on hunt after fatal hit and run incident.

Status & Position Changes


  • Rick Hammond appointed to position of Lawman, and increased in standing to Recognised (2)
  • Wilhelm von Konigsberg appointed to position of Seneschal, and increased in standing to Respected (4)
  • Charles Volmark, increased in standing to Valued (3)
  • Aeron Sebrus, increased in standing to Cherished (5)
  • Natalya Chenyenkov, increased in standing to Recognised (2)

Upcoming Events

Known Information