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The Toowoomba Court

Kindred first drifted through the region as early as the late 1850’s, though it is not thought that any resided in the area. There simply were not enough humans or livestock to sustain such a dangerous endeavour in the wilds of this still mostly unknown landscape.

The first resident of the undead was an indigenous man, suspected to have been created as a punishment, an experiment perhaps. They say he could not speak his sire’s name so did not know it. He was a short, white skinned devil, and would spit anytime someone would bring it up. He quickly became shunned by his people, and was an outcast. He was the first kindred that lived in the area, and was known as Jon John. First European kindred arrived sometime in the 1870's and more came following them. The white skinned devils must have angered the native people and so Jon John was lured to a promise of peace, was ambushed and pegged out in a field before a huge grass fire was lit. A European kindred, Hansel Yergyn also perished in his efforts to rescue John John from the savages. He was struck with spears before the fire consumed him.

By the next evening, the tribe’s people were gone. An understanding was then agreed to, by the surviving kindred, that a pact, an accord of non-involvement would exist between the native folk, and those that would come to dwell here need abide by it, and ensure that no violence would befall the native people, from the vampires of this region. They brokered it, with words to benefit the native people, as a show of good will, but they were simply terrified of being slaughtered by the mysterious people that inhabit this region. When the people returned some years later, a corroboree was held to celebrate the promise of peace. The tribal elders gathered, as did the creatures of night, and upon the bones of ancestors past and present, they bore their words, and marks, and so it was that the promise was made. The site where it took place is all but lost, but traces of the tribal artwork, the hand prints, though faded, still exist. No paper exists, no contract or treaty, but it’s there, to be heeded or suffer the consequences.

From that time, it was not long until the turn into a new century, a population around the world continued to grow, until for reasons unknown to many, the world was split into two, and the rift it caused the brutal end to millions of lives. This upheaval had a similar effect on the growing local landscape. All had ties back to their previous homes, their home lands, whether through love, memory or money, and returned to protect their investment, and for a time during this first of the world wars, the city was essentially abandoned.

In a short few years later, some of those that left returned, to continue what was started, however, found they were not alone. During the war of the world, some kindred discovered this area. Perhaps moving inland through fear of what may become of the world, or perhaps from guilt from a deed undertaken, or a blind eye given. Regardless, the city was inhabited by a small number of varied kindred. With the return of those from before the war, in order to establish civility, it was agreed to establish something slightly more formal, and so, in 1921, the first ‘court’ of Toowoomba was formed.

The city now is very much a centre, dominated by those of the Elder social class, who have enforced a certain tempo within the city, with those of the Ancillae social class filling the needs of those Elders, while still striving for their own independent endeavours. Neonates are a rare commodity, and infrequently will a neonate entertain the stale climate of court for an extended period of time, generally preferring to avoid the spotlight or leaving after a brief visit. As the Elders are unwelcoming of change, the side effect has been extended periods of stability, willing to place their peers into torpor to continue such times of peace. For those considering much more than a retirement lifestyle, this may not be the change for you.

Court Positions

PRINCE: Mikhail

In April 2018, the Captaincy has returned in the visage of Mikhail, childe of the Nosferatu Elder Fyodor. The ships crew was reconvened, with the Ventrue's Sophie as First Mate, and Quarter Master held by the Mekhet Jacob?

Towards the end of 2017, in what some might consider a limited pool of suitable options, it was decided that Jeff, of the Mekhet would stand as Prince of the Domain, that it not be left exposed, after the formal retirement of the Ventrue Elder, Gaspar from Praxis.

In 2017, the Elders took a step away from the nonsense brought forwarded by the Ancillae... and worse. Their brutal remedies, tend to be... controversial at best. Others that spoke with authority, have found their lives were more in need of their time than court, so have returned to the darkness for a time. The floor was open to other residents of the city..

The Captain, is a current title sometimes claimed by the leader of this city. He makes and enforces the rules for kindred society. Other courts may call this kindred Prince, Chancellor, or Viceroy. With the Elders stepping away, will such traditions continue, while in the hands of youth?

First Mate, was the supporting officer to the Captain. Dealing with lesser matters of court, or assisting when the Captain is otherwise engaged. A larger court may consider this an amalgamation of positions of Seneschal, perhaps a Primogen council or even Sheriff. The role also fills the requirements for a Herald or Harpy of the court, and may assist with matters of law and order

Quarter Master, exists to represent the people, the crew of the city, to allow some balance to remain within court, taking place of what may be a priscus council. This position is also there to help with law and order, similar to what a Sheriff may undertake, and might have characteristics of a harpy, or even Priscus harpy

Members of the Court

LogoCovenantCarthianMovement 70x70.png LogoCovenantCircleoftheCrone 70x70.png LogoCovenantInvictus 70x70.png LogoCovenantLanceaSanctum 70x70.png LogoCovenantOrdoDracul 70x70.png LogoCovenantUnaligned 70x70.jpg

Character Arrival Covenant Clan/Bloodline City Status Player
Lucien 1874 Ordo Dracul Gangrel 1 Luke
Gaspar Acosta Da Blanca 1916 Carthian Movement Ventrue 4 Nick
Fyodor Borisovich Zasakin 1941 Circle of the Crone Nosferatu 3 Stoney
Frank Withchester 1962 Carthian Movement Daeva 2 Rod
Jeff Kensington 1964 Ordo Dracul Mekhet 1 Ian
Veronica 2017 Unaligned Daeva 1 Aislyn
Sophie White Roe 2017 Circle of the Crone Ventrue 3 Bec
Mikhail 2017 Circle of the Crone Nosferatu 4 Dan
Jacob 2017 Carthian Mekhet 3 Ben
Character Arrival Covenant Clan Status Player
Character Arrival Covenant Clan Status Player
Character Arrival Covenant Clan Status Player

LogoDaeva 70x70.png LogoGangrel 70x70.png LogoNosferatu 70x70.png LogoMekhet 70x70.png LogoVentrue 70x70.png

Former Members of the Court

Character Last Seen Covenant Clan/Bloodline Status Player
Jon John 1879 Unaligned Unknown Clan Destroyed NPC
Hansel Yergen 1879 Unaligned Gangrel Destroyed NPC
Ryder Exploding in 1924 *1 Unknown Gangrel Hunted & Destroyed NPC
Ilsa 2017 Carthian Ventrue Left Elise
Ylva Helsyn 2018 Circle of the Crone Nosferatu Extended Torpor Kat > NPC
Louis de Fleur 2017 Covenant Daeva Retired Ben
Virginia "Ginny" Blanchard 2017 Covenant Clan Retired Calista
Redfoot 2017 Circle of the Crone Daeva Lost Justin W
Bob 2017 Unaligned Gangrel Lost James
Character Last Seen Covenant Clan Status Player
Character Last Seen Covenant Clan Status Player
Character Last Seen Covenant Clan Status Player
  • 1 Rider had 2 unknown brood mates with him, that were incapacitated and believed killed in the same dynamite explosion.
  • Two, was executed in October 2017, under order of Prince Jeff. Two was unreleased, without humanity or a desire to restore it, and created from death, without authority. He had murdered his creator without authority, and reportedly drank him unto himself.
  • That night, 2 others met their final death. A Gangrel, who had kept his name distant, but had been seen by some prior. This night, his captors escaped, bound him by the neck with chain and snapped his neck from his shoulders, in a brutal death. A Ventrue, unknown to all, was then set upon by One and Two, biting deep into him, drinking of him, bringing him to the ground, like wolves to a beast.

Laws of the Court

The First Law

The Tradition of Masquerade.
Above all else, mortals hate and fear what they do not understand. They must never truly understand us. They must know only that hunters lurk in the darkness.

The Second Law

The Tradition of Progeny.
All vampires realise that the act of the Embrace diminishes some aspect of the self. The moral blame for each Embrace falls squarely on the individual sire, rather than the vampiric society as a whole that allowed it.

The Third Law

The Tradition of Diablerie.
The abomination of the Amaranth. The Amaranth, is a sin and a distraction from moral unlife, and that those who engage in it suffer from corrupted souls and should be put down for the benefit of the entire race.

The Forth Law

The acceptance of Domain.
Those Acknowledged by the Captain, or any that might visiting the domain, accept they fall under the Domain of the Praxis holder

History of Toowoomba

Arrivals and key events

Pre 1900

  • 1854. Belived to when the first Kindred was created in this region. Jon John, an indigenious man.
  • 1873. Arrival of Hanna Smith (Gangrel), Hansel Yergen (Gangrel) & Mr R. Agley (Mekhet).
  • 1874. Arrival of Louis, Andrea & Lucien.
  • 1879. Destruction of Jon John and Hansel Yergen.
  • 1880. Fire Accord reached.

1900 to 1950

  • 1915. Louis, Andrea and Lucien leave the city.
  • 1916. Arival of Gasper and Ilsa.
  • 1920. Louis, Andrea and Lucien return.
  • 1921. First Formal court of Kindred in the city, Respecting the ongoing leadership role of Mr. Agley. Lucien placed voluntarily into a decade long Torpor by his Family, so he might recover from the horrors of war.
  • 1924. First Blood Hunt called on a Gangrel known as Rider. Rider and his brood were destroyed by the efforts of Gasper and Hanna, and with the support from Louis.
  • 1927. Discussions among court, saw a mutual change of Praxis, with Mr Agley handing the role to Ilsa.
  • 1941. Arrival of Fyodor.
  • 1944. Prince Ilsa, formalised the implementation of territories, and regions are duly assigned.
  • 1948. Gasper was staked by Prince Ilsa after an "incident", and taken into her care during his torpor.

Year 1951 to 2000

  • 1962. Arrival of Frank Withchester.
  • 1964. Arrival of Jeff
  • 1968. Gasper wakes from Torpor, with a refreshing demeanour.
  • 1971. Prince Ilsa, surrenders the position of Praxis, to Gasper, where he changes his title to Captain.
  • 1980. City underground subway opens.

Year 2001 to now

  • 2016
Sept. Arrival of Ylva Hall
Oct. Arrival of Redfoot
  • 2017
April. Possible return of Ryder?
June. Public embrace of Sophie.
August. Arrival of Veronica. Gaspar declared formally that he is not continuing the role of Captain.
September. Arrival of Bob. Frank Winchester performs a retirement ceremony for Gaspar, hanging up his captains hat. Jeff is encouraged to take up the role of Prince.
  • 2018
July. Breaking of the Fire Accord by Curoar of Brisbane, the treaty established around 1880 between the undead nightmares and the native first people.
August. All that feed in the ancestral territory of the first people that spoke the Burranggam dialect, bear the Scar of the Ancestors [condition]. Their blood is contaminated, and can be passed to another.

Status & Position Changes


September. Ylva Acknowledged.


March: Redfoot Acknowledged
Gaspar formally given permission to go ashore, retiring Praxis of the city
Jeff appointed Praxis Holder, by Frank.
Bob is Acknowledged by Jeff, Prince of Toowoomba.
October: National gathering convened in the southern city of Adelaide. Many attended from places scattered across the country.


March: Praxis changes. Jeff overthrown in a maneuver by Mikhail. This resulted in his Sire, the Elder Zaskin being harmed and taken to Elysium, to calm the situation. The resulting democratic display resulted in no further harm to any, and an solidification of the change in Praxis. Sophie announced as First Mate. Jacob as Quartermaster.
June: Redefined standing of court members announced by Sophie, after consultation with the Captain and Quartermaster.
Gasper and Captain are to be Respected (4), Sophie, Jacob and Fyodor to be Valued (3), Frank and Geoff to be Recognised (2) and Veronica to be Acknowledged, along with Nora and Wallace of Geelong.
August: A Blood Hunt, declared by Captain Mikhail, on the kindred known as Curoar. The Mekhet of Brisbane responsible for breaking the fire accord. Status offered as reward by Sophie.

Upcoming Events

Known Information


The city has an Elysium, established in 1944 by Prince Ilsa. It is a grand single level timber and stone building, created in a Spanish style, located in East Toowoomba. It is a long building, separated some distance from the principal home, to take up the views that would have existed over the escarpment.

The original, two story home sites in prime location on the block, overlooking sculpted gardens, fountains and landscapes and what would have originally been, grant views to rolling tree lined hills of valley below. As development increased, the view made way to other homes, and it is around this time, that the rear fence line was changed for trees, and the wing was constructed, keeping in theme with the original home. Essentially a long building, suitable for entertaining, with quarters and facilities for "the help" at the northern end, opening up to a large ballroom, with glorious timber floors, stone accents and various artworks, of both canvas and sculpture adorning the walls. The delicate touches around the windows and doors are from an artisan's hand, with double doors opening out to an east facing covered walkway, lined by alabaster archways, with lawn garden and hedgerows beyond. The ample yet subtle lighting allows for ones essential anonymity to be respected, while removing that element of suprise, one finds some unwelcoming when visiting Elysiya.

Player Resources

Venue Style Sheet: Toowoomba Requiem

Follow this link (Toowoomba Requiem CofD VSS) to view the Toowoomba Requiem, VSS. As the wiki can be edited, for an original copy, please contact the VST.

What on earth is a VSS I hear you say. Well, this document is the style sheet for the venue, and helps you to better understand the type and style of game being run and lets you know any variations to the core understanding of the rules, with some things that make sense on a local level.

It also contains information regarding downtime activity, experience awards, and other important bits and pieces relevant to the Toowoomba Requiem venue.

Current approval - 11 June 2017 (High from GST - AUCFDR170601)

As the wiki can be edited, for an original copy, please contact the VST, or get the PDF from the Toowoomba Facebook pages.


For those of you attempting to fill in your Approval application, and don't know the contact details for the ST Chain, here you go.

VST - Rod - vst.requiem.cofd(at)

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NST - Daniel - nst(at)

Approval Form

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