Tsukiya Sang

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Tsukiya "Crimson Lotus in Snow" Sang
Concept: Host Hunter
Tribe: Storm Lord
Auspice: Rahu
City: St. Louis
Lodge: n/a
Pack: House Minamoto
Spirit Rank
Cunning --
Glory --
Purity ••
Wisdom --
Player: Dawn Gott
Storyteller: St. Louis VST

Personal Information

There are two Tsukiyas. The first one, the human one, is a loudmouthed thug, as quick with a witty insult as with a fist -- or a gun. This man is a gambler, a partier, and a brawler. He’s called on to shake down little old ladies for protection money, or to guard the boss-man while he brokers a deal for pornography. He loud and funny and the kind of guy you take out for midnight karaoke and then take home. He’s a beautiful, fun mask.

The other Tsukiya’s real name is Crimson Lotus in Snow. He’s cold, calculating, and far more serious. He’ll still crack jokes, but they’re more appropriate for a sardonic, fatalistic samurai in a Kurosawa film. He laughs about death, especially his own. He hunts passionately, earnestly, with a focus that frightens those who don’t understand -- those who have never run all night through belly-deep snow to find the wrongness and remove it. He is the heart of the predator.


Tsukiya’s last growth spurt involved his First Change, so he’s taller and more heavily muscled than most Asian men. His transformation from wolfblooded to Uratha also left him in the prime of his health, and he looks the part. Few realize how good his health is, due to the suits that he usually wears. He’s so fond of wearing the jacket-tie look that he’s ripped more than a few of them in impromptu fights. When he’s outdoors, hiking or camping, he wears trendy but long-sleeved athletic shirts and pants.

His Tattoos - an excerpt from a Discord scene describing them

Tsukiya walks out of the house, head high and his usual swagger in his step. He wears only jogging shorts, showing off his tattoos. By far the most eye-catching is the stylized tattoo of a wolf curling over his shoulder and down his chest. It's mouth is open wide, and there is the suggestion of lines to be added to the art - of prey to drawn into the hunt. Lotus flowers and cherry blossoms tangle with snakes and skulls on one leg while koi swim up and down the other leg. His arms are bare of decoration.


Crimson Lotus in Snow

Information Known by Forsaken Society

After a promising First Change in Japan, few have heard more about Tsukiya. There have been rumors that his alpha held him back, which might have been why he came to America.

Timeline (OOC knowledge unless you have ties or information)

  • 1992 - Tsukiya is born.
  • 2006 - He frees his mom from being trafficked by the Clan.
  • 2008 - During a period of pre-Change illness, he goes on vacation. Tsukiya turns while on the slopes of Mt. Fuji.
  • 2018 - After a long period of being held back by his alpha, he moves to St. Louis and joins a pack there.

Recent Events


Quotes By

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  • His mother was a prostitute, working for the Yakuza. He's not even full-blooded Japanese.
  • [Japanese law enforcement] He's a knee-breaker for the Yakuza.

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Member Information
Player: Dawn Gott
Number: GWB2006047642
Domain: Mid-MO