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Sara The Best
Faction: Larpers
City: Canberra •••••
Legacy Leia
Player: Sara

Personal Information


Sara's about 5'4". She has brown hair, brown-hazel-ish (see also; mud colour) eyes and dresses in whatever the hell she feels like. She is really, really pale. If Vampires were real and not just a thing in game, she'd be a prime suspect, especially with her cold hands. Sara doesn't really subscribe to your theories of dressing to the season and hates pants. So she'll be seen in dresses in winter and has been described as 'the most acclimatised' Darwin girl some of her workmates have met. But secretly, it's not adjusting to the weather, it's the hatred that keeps her heart warm when her legs are freezing, and she'll smile through it, even though she can't feel the handshake between the two of you because her hands have gone numb.


Sara is really weird. She can be really friendly, or just cold. Maybe she's born with it, maybe it's too long around idiots. She'll be upfront, and probably a bit too blunt when you ask her a question that you don't want the answer to. Sara is not the person you go to for a lie about how sweet and great you are. She's the one you go to when you've made a giant mistake and want to be reminded that yes, you are in fact an idiot, but here, let's drink to forget. Or if you just need a person willing to call you out and tell you to grow a pair (of balls or ovaries, depending on what you'd prefer to have, or need to have).

Mortal World

She's a bartender. She's also chronically busy. She's around though, and still doing stuff. And rarely misses a game of Requiem. She's getting a lot more reliable with Masquerade too, even if Awakening fell off the radar a bit. She'll be involved in Requiem 2.0 and Changeling when they get set up in Canberra too!

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Quotes By

"I hope I don't catch that"

- Discussing having feelings, December 2015.

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