Victor Aurelius Roe

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Victor Aurelius Roe
Concept: Unknown
Clan: Ventrue ••
Covenant: Carthian Movement •••
City: Perth --
Sire: Wilburforce Cornelius Roe
Bloodline: Rötgrafen
Group: Roe Dynasty
Embraced: 2010
Player: [mailto: Mick]
Storyteller: [mailto: Perth VST]
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Personal Information


Vic is short and chubby, olive skin and dark hair with dark brown eyes. Customarily in a Brown tailored suit with some sort of t-shirt on and a Large Ruby Ring somewhere (on his Fingers, or hanging from a necklace)


Vic is Friendly, helpful, passionate about his desires for change.

Mortal World

Vic is Very much a part of the Mortal World. As a Band Manager, a name in Entertainment and a man of the Media he’s in everywhere he can be. He might not be famous, but he is probably that famous dudes manager

Victory Productions

Victory is an Entertainment Management Company that grew out of Band Management between Vic and Justine Goode. Now it spans multiple Entertainment Platforms with an East Coast and West Coast Operation.

The Sinister Fourskins

Presumed Dead

Sinister Fourskins first Album cover.

The Sinister Fourskins is an alternative Industrial Metal band, formed in the early half of 2012, since then the band has been performing ad hoc at local venues and are begining to gain some momentum in the Alternative Metal genre. The band is known for their antics on stage as well as their unconventional lyrics and on stage presence.

What is Alternative Metal?

Alternative metal usually takes elements of heavy metal with influences from genres like alternative rock, and other genres not normally associated with metal, such as hardcore punk, funk, and progressive rock. Alternative metal bands are often characterized by heavy guitar riffs, melodic vocals, unconventional sounds within other heavy metal genres, unconventional song structures and sometimes experimental approaches to heavy music.

Band Members

Behind the Scenes

  • Vic Roe - Bands Manager
  • Meredith - Vic's Executive Assistant
  • Crystal - Lighting and SFX Manager

Information Known by Kindred Society


Is currently Respected in the court


  • Recognised due to the continued Support of the Roe family
  • Valued upon gaining the position of Seneschal
  • Respected due to his continued support above and beyond what is needed


  • 2010 - Embrace
  • 2011 - Ghouling Meredith
  • 2014 - Release
  • 2015 - Become Assistant Harpy, then Seneschal
  • 2016 - Became Co-Prince of Perth
  • 2017 - The Fall of Perth to the Strix
  • 2017 - Move to Geelong, become Vice President
  • 2018 - Return to Perth
Recent History


  • JAN 2015 - Become Assistant Harpy
  • AUG 2015 - Become Temporary Praxis Harpy after the Harpy is killed by the Strix
  • SEP 2015 - Became Seneschal of the Court
  • OCT 2015 - Status Increase from Recognised to Valued in Recognition of gaining the position of Seneschal(via Thamos)
  • NOV 2015 - Details
  • DEC 2015 - Raised to Respected for his continued support above and beyond what is needed


  • JAN 2016 -
  • FEB 2016 -


Crest of House Roe

Current Roe Patriarch

Gaspar Acosta Da Blanca

Known Grandsire


Known Sire

Wilburforce Cornelius Roe

Known Siblings

  • Steven Bellesarious Roe
    • Un-named Roe
  • Virginia Themis Roe
    • Allison Servilia King-Roe
  • Hans Claudius Dekker
  • Alexa Roe (Deceased NPC)
  • Victor Aurelius Roe

Known Childer

None to date

Grandfathers Big Twelve

1) Don’t trust anyone to act in your best interest if it’s not in there’s.
2) Plan for Worst
3) Manners are a weapon, use them like a foil
4) Never betray an accomplice
5) If it sounds like a trap, it probably is
6) Never endanger others in your revenge, you’ll only give your enemy reinforcements
7) Keep your hands clean as the minds of your Puppets
8) Never date a co-worker
9) Bend the line, don’t break it
10) Always watch those who watch
11) A minion has a mind
12) Sometimes you’ll be wrong, own it


Quotes By

"Yea I manage the Sinister FourSkins. Yea they terrify me but consider this. If they restrain themselves from damaging me, a man they often Violently disagree with on matters that truly stir there passions, then who else is allowed to damage me before them. Unless of course it’s my own damn fault" – Vic on why he stays managing the band

Quotes About

"The thing a lot of people don't understand about Vic is that he's not the sort to back away from a challenge. He doesn't take the easiest road, he takes the one he believes in. So while people might say he's young, he'll come around or whatever - I doubt it. Chances are, they'll find themselves being the ones to change their mind and not even realise that they've done so until it's too late." - Meredith Winchester-Roe

"Vic is one of Roe, sure I give him a hard time occasionally. Doesn't mean I don't respect him. Rome wasn't built in a day, Rome was built brick by brick. Victor is one of those guys, who doesn't just put the bricks in, he knows every crack, every weak point in the foundation. When Rome is built those who helped build her will rule." - Chase Dawson

"Poor deluded Victor Roe who thinks he’s a Carthain is Recognised as one of the more social kindred within our court." - Virginia Lu

"He's an untrustworthy cunt" - Mags

"I know, they broke your property, and I understand you are unhappy about it. But Jakob and I have come to an arrangement you will find satisfactory." - Ljónynja Øringr, holding Vic down as he frenzied, 2014.

"Between my sister and my cousin, the Lords are well represented within the Movement. For this I am glad" - Gaspar Acosta Da Blanca

"You think Victor a fool do you? Is it his status as a Carthian, or merely his desire to ignore you? If it is the former, allow me to enlighten you. He was once the most promising young Invictus, significantly more so than you. But it was through fault of the Invictus, not of him, which ensured his position in the Carthians. If it is the latter, you still have much to learn." - Ljónynja Øringr replying to an Invictus Neonate who called Victor a foolish Carthian and waste of time.

"You will give Victor Roe respect as a Prince, when we fought, when we left, and even now he has acted as the Prince of Perth and he will continue to be my Prince when we take Perth back." Tresalda educating an court attendee who made the mistake of questioning Tresalda loyalty

“Pretty farking certain that Vic has got more surprises, nasty and otherwise in his Nerd Cave than Brandon has shoes. That an he’s working on a carthian devotion to stab people over the inter web.” - Uncle Gadi

"He's an alright guy. He looks reasonably straight up, and makes you feel it, too, which means he's fucking dangerous. I hope that danger can save him from the Birds as he goes back to his city. May the dead and the burned and the maimed remember him." - Vulture

"I adore Vic, he just... gets it, you know?" - Sophie White Roe


"The Fate of Praxis in Perth" - June 2016, After Olivia Bates finds out that Prince Chase is just Giving the Praxis of Perth to Vic.
Olivia - "You aren't ready to be Prince Victor. You have only been Kindred for six years. Let me take this Burden, I'll make you my Seneschal, I'll train you further, Come back to the Invictus"
Vic - "You may get the support to pull this out from under me Olivia, I doubt it but you might. But the Offer was to me. Know this however. If you do, I will raise this city to the Ground. I will tear the foundations down, Expose all of the Shady Invictus Dealings, I will sow this city with Salt just so the Invicus Can't have it afterwards. When I am done No Vampire will be able to set foot in Perth, and to hurt the Invictus, I'd do it ten times Over"


  • Vic puts far more of his Business, both Kindred and Kine affairs into Meredith's hands than is really prudent
  • Vic's babying of the band is reason for the odd Rock Star Tantrum
  • Vic has a better relationship with the Invictus than many Invictus
    • Only on the surface. Underneath the cordial facade, he seethes with hatred of everything they represent
  • Archbishop Durenkrail placed Vic in as Seneschal and surrounded him with Nosferatu in an effort to keep him on a tight leash
  • Is becoming frustrated at having to bankroll the Praxis and constantly calling in favours to cover the Masquerade
  • Is gunna buy a farm
  • Is fed up with this Shit
    • ...And is now Prince
  • Bankrolled the Praxis
  • Puts the Revolution before his City
  • Told the Lance not to Screw with the Strix Mr Finch
  • Is fed up with this Shit, Again
  • Vic was the Last Kindred in Perth
  • Vic left a message on the Elysium Wall

Inspirations and Soundtrack

  • Fight the Power - Public Enemy
  • Second Solution - The Living End
  • Sympathy for the Devil - The Rolling Stones
  • In relation to Meredith - Love me Forever - Motorhead

OOC Information

Wants Curry and Beer

Please note: This character can be a LOT of an arrogant prick at times, remember it's the character not me! (And is fairly Typical of the new Ventrue Clan). If you have any issues with something I've done/said, please come and talk to me OOC

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