Victoria Stone

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Victoria Stone
Concept: Cat Burgling British Thug
Family: Ugallu
Hunger: Hoard
City: St. Louis
Player: Cynthia Ostuni
Storyteller: [mailto: St. Louis VST]
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Personal Information


Tall, 5'11, with light tan skin, dark hair, and eyes. A more athletic build looks mid to late 20's as a result. Slightly taller than her sister, and a bit bigger, but otherwise identical. Is mostly seen in leather jackets, black tops, and jeans with combat boots. Wears plenty of gold, a couple of rings, and several bracelets. A scar runs from her left shoulder to right hip, with a golden dragon tattoo spiraling around it. Faint scars in the shape of scales are scattered across her shoulders, back, hips, and legs.


Victoria is a little rough around the edges, and a bit abrasive. She's not mean, but she isn't nice either. Curt, polite, and a bit standoffish are the best ways to describe her, unless her sister is involved or her interest's been piqued, in which case, she's down right pleasant.


Information Known by Mortal Society

She works mostly as security, both contracted, and personal. She's British, has a sister, and not necessarily pleasant to talk to. Has recently been seen doing a lot of volunteer work around the city, and has taken a leave of absence from her job.

Information known by Supernatural Society

Same as Mortal, basically. Likes to steal shit. Has been seen having around Puck, and Ash a lot.


  • 1986 - Born May 22 to Evelyn and Richard Stone. She was born a few minutes after her identical twin sister Jaqui Stone in Cambridge, England
  • 1991 - Both girls start primary school
  • 2004 - Graduates High school
  • 2005 - Finishes training course for security, starts working
  • 2015 - Moves to St. Louis with her sister
  • 2018 - Joins the Night Congress. Left the Night Congress in a fit of rage.

Recent Events


Quotes By

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Quotes About

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  • Should invest in some heavier duty clothes
  • Careless with her powers and secrets.
  • Possible Phobia of Geese.

Inspirations and Soundtrack

  • Evelyn O'Connell- The Mummy

OOC Information

Member Information
Player: [mailto: ]
Domain: St Louis