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Concept: William Fisk (Daredevil)
Clan: Gangrel ••
Covenant: Circle of the Crone ••
City: Brisbane
Title: Title
Sire: Ljónynja Øringr
Bloodline: Unknown
Group: Villr
Embraced: 1967
Player: Beau
Storyteller: Brisbane VST
The Crow and the Serpent, the Wolf and the Moon, the Fury and the Storm
The Reynder Family Crest

Personal Information

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When you first look at Viktor, you may dismiss him as the brute he appears to be. That would be a mistake. Physically imposing and built like a tank, his appearance hides a keen business intellect and vicious protective streak a mile wide. Viktor is often dressed in clothes of fine quality, a legacy of his success in business, but is not averse to dressing down for rituals, should things look like they're about to get messy. In recent nights two new tattoos can be seen on his upper arms. ᚛ᚃᚐᚏᚂᚑᚏᚇ᚜ on the left, and ᚛ᚃᚔᚂᚂᚏ᚜ on the right.


Bold and to the point is the way Viktor works. Why beat around the bush and lose the point in the darkness. If there's not much at stake then Viktor is likely to be loud and in your face. However, he respects power, and to those who have shown it, there is a certain politeness that is afforded to predators he considers equal. The biggest difference in his personality would be apparent around his wife, Celene. Extremely protective and almost gentle, Viktor enacts her wishes with zeal and relish, and woe betide those that would attempt her harm.

Mortal World

Information Known by Kindred Society


  • 1930s - Born in the western suburbs of Sydney, Viktor raised in his families home along with a younger brother and sister. They were all well cared for, although money was sometimes tight, leading into the depression. This lead Viktor to turn to simple crimes, such as smash'n'grabs and pickpocketing to supplement his families income. Combined with being educated through the local public primary and high school, Viktors childhood education was truely though the school of hard knocks.
  • 1940s - This life of life of street crime eventually lead Viktor to the Kings Cross, where he fell in with the gangs and families of the clubs around the area. Still working to supplement his family, he never told them where he got the money and supplies, and being in the grips of the Clutch Plague they never asked. By the time he was a teenager, Viktor was well on his way to making a name for himself in the Cross as someone dependable, someone not to cross. Late into the 40s, through a series of espionage, blackmail and plain old strong arm intimidation, Viktor managed to gain the control of a failing club. This lends him to finding his lifes calling as a Club Owner.
  • 1950s - Expanding his club empire, and deepening his reach into the local underworld are the main efforts of the late 40s and early 50s for Viktor. Taking in a variety of clubing themes from Gentlemens affairs to Alternative lifestyle venues. His wide and varied interests eventually lead him to hiring a particularly skilled up and comer in form of Celene. Such was her grace and beauty that he found himself ensared, and soon they were considered one of the power couples of the area. Wed on the Harbour with all that Viktors considerable resources could prepare, this set the tone for them for the next decade. Children and Family followed, and Viktor ensured that they never had to resort to the danger and deeds he had to in order to make a comfortable home.
  • 1960 - This was the decade of upset. Celene had been introduced to the All Night Society, and due to Viktors stubborn pride, he had been refused. This caused great pain, as he watched Celene leave early in the night, not to return till almost daybreak. A year passed, then two, but for all his skill and wealth, Viktor could not gain the same entry, till at last, beaten, he bent knee to only the second individual in his life and was given the same gift by the Lioness Ljónynja Øringr. While this opened the same doors for him as his wife before, it still did not keep the heat off in the mortal realm. When finally his decades now long empire of sex, drugs and rock'n'roll came under fire from criminal investigation, Viktor was given a choice. Take a fall, or leave to fight a war he had little interest in. So when his pride refused to let him break, he left for Vietnam in 1964.
  • 1964 - This was a hell of a three year stint. Viktor ended up, by design or accident, in a company of mixed individuals lead by one Benjamin Rivers. Kindred, Werewolves, Mages, Fair folk. All were thrown into this melting pot and used as needed by whoever had brought them together. Black Ops, Night Assaults, Assasination, nothing was off the table, or on the books.
  • 1967 - After finally collapsing at the end of what was to be his final Op, Viktor his given an honourable Medical discharge after its discovered that too much exposure to chemicals used in the war is slowly killing him. He returns home to the news that Celene has been sent overseas by their kindred keepers, and his children have been sent to their mother. Setting his final affairs in order, he sends one final message to Ljónynja Øringr asking her to find and look after Celene. To his surprise He is visted one night and given a hard choice, and in the Winter of 1967, Viktor dies to the mortal world.
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Quotes By

"We are Savage, not Stupid."

- Talking to other Gangrel about NOT breaking the Masquerade

Quotes About

"He's changed much since we first met, back when our hearts still beat and our blood still flowed. But he's retained that same callous mind. That same cunning strategy. The very brilliant presence that once had the Sydney underworld at his beckoned call. But at his core, I know the rage that stirs there. I have witnessed it; the breadth of it. Do not mistake his patience for mercy, because I assure you, he will tear you apart."

- Celene

"He reminds me of his sire. Take that as you will."

- Gaspar Acosta Da Blanca

"Young, strong, and true to his word. A loyal and worthwhile childe."

- Ljónynja Øringr‎‎

"Mmm, he is rather interesting."

- Meredith Winchester-Roe

"He, seems to be, my Grand-sire. My beast knows him even if I am unsure."

- Tresalda talking to Lacey about Viktor.

"You are looking good for your age old friend. Shame about the face."

- A suprised, but not displeased Benjamin Rivers

"What can I say, about my Uncle Viktor?...well he has good taste, you've met Celene right? So He has that... also he is terrifying. Great and all...but terrifying and primal."

- An Intimidated but loving Nephew Brandon Fitzchambers

"Oh he is sooooo much fun..."

- Sophie giggling as she talks about her dear friend and previous regnant.

"A competent Uncle and Warmaster. We have our tussles every now and then, but when he says 'Goddess says jump', I'm happy to reply with 'How high does she want it?' Also I'd fuck 'im if there weren't a dick between us."

- Vulture

"Viktor is very dear to me. Having seen us at our lowest, he helped bring us to where we are today and for that I shall always be grateful. Besides, he also knows exactly the right sarcastic comment for any scenario."

- Valerie Fitzchambers on the topic of her brother-in-law.

"He's pretty freaking decent when it comes to a fight Victor, was good he was in town really."

- Crystal talking to Victor in Perth recently

"Viktor is chill. I'm not one to trust a vampire but he's more Uratha than most of the others so getting along with him almost feels natural."

- Lena Faulkner on her previous packmate


Johnson - "Are you a werewolf or a Gangrel?"
Viktor - "Yes."
- Being introduced before going on a mission to retrieve some dangerous items loose in Brisbane.


  • Isn't as tough as he appears to be
  • His leather vest is made from the collars of those who he has broken.
  • Shares his bed with a Sailor Moon body pillow.

Inspirations and Soundtrack

  • Largely inspired by Wilson Fisk, from the Daredevil Netflix series


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