Virginia Lu

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Tombstone.png This article is about a character that is deceased or otherwise no longer in play.

Virginia Lu
Concept: Unknown
Clan: Daeva •••
Covenant: Invictus •••
City: Perth •••
Title: Hapry of the Court
Sire: ?
Bloodline: Pure Clan
Group: Lineage/House/Coterie
Embraced: 1940
Player: [mailto: NPC]
Storyteller: [mailto: Perth VST]
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Personal Information

On the surface the easy life is what Virginia wants, and it’s what she has. Lovely men to cater to her whims, position and security, Blood, the wellbeing of her favourites, a little bit of Ecstasy for the ride, enjoyment and a nice party. Her Daeva Nature wraps around her like a cloak of distraction, it’s what she shows you so you ignore the ruthless strike of the serpent until it’s too late. Domination is what she is really after, Respect for her not her position, the ability to have you come to her when she wishes it. She doesn’t need to be Prince for this, but if she whispers in the right ears she doesn’t need to be.



Virginia is a strong woman. She is Steel forged in a Misogynistic forge, one that knows her sex is a weapon, one that will bend rather than let cold hard iron shatter her. She is Sensual, and sexy, seductive and supportive, right up until she owns you, Then she is your better and you had damn well respect her.

Mortal World

Information Known by Kindred Society


Born in Singapore to a Chinese father and a British Mother she fled the Japanese Army with her parents to Perth. She organised the Chinese immigrants to work in dirty jobs freeing up workers to work in War critical industries. She was noticed by her sire and after permission had been sought she was embraced and trained as a Groom. A hard worker with a determination not to let her Sex be a disadvantage to her she Provided a stable and exploitable work force for the Invictus. After the Owls came the new court found itself missing many of it’s key members and Virginia was elevated to Harpy by ‘His Holiness’ where she has managed to complete the tasks without a Bias that the Covenant is famous for Virginia is heavily involved in the Black Markets of Perth using her Police Friends to ensure that decent ‘Hoards’ are moved before a bust, or exposing those that tried to strike out on their own, giving Police Friends the Career defining Arrest. Stolen goods at the Flea Market, Chipped Consoles and Copies games, Pirated Movies on USB, even reduced price Garden Supplies if needed, you want it, she can get it. Once known for her Cocaine imports in the 80ies she had to scale them back once some underlings stated to ‘cut’ the product gaining a better share. They were liquidated, the Business left for the Police to ‘Take Down’. Now she trades in small amounts, almost insignificant to her Black market goods, but she can always be relied upon at short notice for Ecstasy, a known personal favourite. In 2014 she deemed that she was becoming out of touch with the Younger Kindred so she selected the Childe of Wilberforce Roe (a respected Invictus) to become her assistant.

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