Virginia Themis Roe

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Personal Information



Mortal World

Information Known by Kindred Society


Is currently Valued in the court


  • Recognised due to the continued Support of the Roe family
  • Valued upon becoming Ventrue Priscus


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Recent History


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Crest of House Roe

Known Sire

Known Siblings

Known Childer

Known Grand-childer


Quotes By

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Quotes About

"The Court Values Themis and the assistance she can bring for the court. She is the Steady rock within the Invictus and the Roes I can trust. If it wasn’t for the Strix I could see her as Prince." - Virginia Lu

"Oh definitely, if she ever actually paid attention I could be in a world of trouble. Luckily for me though, I'm generally beneath her notice other than either criticising my clothes or trying to order me to do some menial task she could have gotten one of her own flunkies to do - call it obfuscate for ghouls" - Meredith Winchester-Roe, talking to Chase


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  • Owes the Praxis for not having been forthcoming about a certain boat and its cargo
  • Hasn't paid her fine yet
  • The legal business is a front, she's really the linchpin of the illicit drugs trade
  • Hates fishnets

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