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Wallace 'Wall' Murray
Concept: Hippie Lor-master
Tribe: Storm Lords
Auspice: Cahalith
City: Southern Cross
Lodge: TBC
Pack: TBC
Spirit Rank ••
Honor ••
Purity ••
Wisdom --
Player: Guy
Storyteller: Southern Cross VST

Personal Information


Wallace is regularly to be found in either a wetsuit or khaki shorts and a hawian shirt, his hair tied long and back more out of laziness than any intent of fashion. Wall is tall and broad, with a perpetually amused grin on his face when not staring off into the middle distance consumed by some thought of great importance.


Wallace is a slowly aging hippie born out of his time. He unconsciously falls into the role of camp-councilor for uratha, in his pack or otherwise. He tends towards a unique blend of Stoicism and Epicurean philosophy, where life is short and should have as much enjoyment wrung from it as possible, while accepting setbacks and tribulation as a test of character.


His dudeness (sarcasticly) The Mad Bastard


Wall doesn't discuss the origins of his deednames.

"Rolling wave " "Wall-Like-A-Wave"

Information Known by Forsaken Society

-Wall is known to experiment with illicit botanicals and pharmaceuticals in order to commune with Mother Luna and other spirits. -Wall abandoned his original pack following 'bad mojo' surrounding the death of their pack totem, and has claimed to be 'on sabbatical' for the last five years. - Wall recently worked with some of the Faulkners to deal with a Claimed causing trouble near their territory. Wall claims this was just a coincidence: He didn’t know about any Uratha there, and was just doing season work in the vineyards.

-Wall periodically meets up with Bjorn Jansen, the two spend a few hours together, briefly visit the hisil and then go their separate ways.


  • 1980 - Born (probably, birth records are sketychy) in Nimben to a pair of wolf-blooded involved in a free-love commune.
  • 1998 - Experiences his first change and is accepted as a full member of the pack.
  • 2000 - Enters into a 'common law' marriage with another member of the commune.
  • 2006 - Separates on amicably from his 'wife', leaving her with two children, which may be his.
  • 2014 - Wall's pack totem dies while fighting several aligned packs of Fire-touched.
  • 2014 - Disliking a the shift in 'the vibes' created by the Nimbin pack's new totem, Wall says his goodbyes and goes on 'sabbatical', wandering aimlessly for several years.
  • 2018 - Wall eventually arrives on the outskirts of [Southern Cross City], and makes himself known to the local Uratha as a matter of due respect, while he's spending time in thier territory.

Recent Events

  • Dec 2018 - Arrived in [Southern Cross City] and made himself known to the local Uratha.


Quotes By

"One of the criminally under utilised uses of weather gifts, is the use in propagating shrooms of truly ass-kicking potential" - Shortly before spending 12 hours passed out in a tree

"The trick is to realise that we have no more control over the flow of our lives than a frog in a rive, the trick is to learn when to try to kick for shore and when to just curl up in a ball and let the current take you" - Providing solace to a bewildered young pup.

"No half measures, if we make peace, we kill our emnity and bury it in the back garden, if we go to war, then our howls will call thunder and level mountains."

Quotes About

"Look, Wall is... a pretty chill dude, but if he finds out you've not been dealing with the boy honorably he'll visit upon you a punishment so bleakly inventive that entirely new spirits of vengeance will be born. Do right, and keep your word, or get out of town" - Wall's old pack leader, to a young cub.

"Wall is a clown and a buffoon. That's not a value judgement, just an assessment"

"Saw Wall the other night, stretched out naked on top of his van. Said he was 'moon bathing' or some shit."


"Quote" - reference


  • Once ate a lesser intoxication spirit on a dare.
  • Claims to have been a roadie for every major prog-rock and metal band to tour the Eastern Seaboard in the last 15 years.
  • Once helped take out a nest of Azalu with about 20kg of his specialised sativa-indica super hybrid.
  • Won the Rip Curl Grom Search State Final two years running before his first change
  • Can’t Swim

Inspirations and Soundtrack

  • Grandad, "The Almighty Johnsons"
  • Trevor Holdon, "Travellers"
  • "Mr Natural" - Mental As Anything

OOC Information

Member Information
Player: Guy
Number: au2009040009
Domain: Southern Cross