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Chronicles of Darkness

Chronicle Start Date: 1 June 2015
Chronicle End Date: 1 June 2022
Current EXP Incremental Maximum: 100 (80 in BtS) (does not include creation EXP or Overcap)
Current Specialty EXP Incremental Maximum: 25 (Blood EXP, Arcane EXP, Vitriol EXP, etc)

  • Universal: pdf html
  • Changeling: the Lost 2e: Pending release.
  • Demon: the Descent: pdf html
  • Hunter the Vigil 2e: pdf html
  • Mage: the Awakening 2e: pdf html
    • Banishers: pdf
    • The Dō of Wisdom: pdf
  • Mortals 2e: pdf html
  • Vampire the Requiem 2e: pdf html
    • Requiem Quick Reference Guide: pdf
    • Bloodlines from White Wolf and Onyx Path Websites: pdf
    • Secrets of the Covenants Supplemental Devotions: pdf
  • Werewolf the Forsaken 2e: pdf html
    • Temporary link to Pure information, pending Dark Eras Companion: html
    • The Faces of Luna: pdf

National Chronicles

Genre Directories

Character Sheets