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Canberra Camarilla Vampire: the Masquerade
VST: Luke Markham
VC: Caitlin Davies
First Saturday of the Month (6:30-11pm)


Canberra Archived-Requiem Vampire: the Requiem
VST: Shane McKinnie
VC: Joshua Smith
Third Saturday of the Month (6-11pm)
Canberra Archived-Awakening Mage: the Awakening
VST: Joshua Smith
VC: Jason Cebalo
Sunday after Requiem (1-5pm)

Carpe Civitatem - Domain of Canberra

Welcome to Canberra Beyond the Sunset!

More details about Canberra and its games can be found in the 1.0 and our 2.0 DSS

The Games

Below is the list of games played in Canberra in the BtS club. Note that games are currently undergoing a reboot and will be introduced month by month.

More general information can be found on the nWoD Genres on the sidebar on the left, or by clicking the links in the description.

First Saturday Games

Vampire: the Masquerade

Venue Coordinator: Caitlin Davies

Venue Storyteller: Luke Markham

Find out more about the genre here!

Third Saturday Games

Werewolf: The Apocalypse

Venue Coordinator: Emma McMillan

Venue Storyteller: n/a

Find out more about the genre here!

Vampire: The Requiem

Venue Coordinator: Joshua Smith

Venue Storyteller: Shane McKinnie

Find out more about the genre here!

Third Sunday Games

Mage: The Awakening

Venue Coordinator: Jason Cebalo

Venue Storyteller: Joshua Smith

Find out more about the genre here!

News Stories

Canberra oWoD News Stories

Canberra nWoD News Stories

Canberra CofD News Stories

The Venue

At present, all the games in Canberra are held at the Garran Scouts Hall

Garran Scout's Hall

123 Kitchener Street

Garran ACT


The Staff

Domain Staff

Out of Character Game rules

The most important rules will be outlined below, the rest will be explained at the games themselves by either the VC's or the DC.

No Alcohol or Illicit Drugs. Anyone who is intoxicated at the game will be asked by the VC/DC to leave the venue and will not be allowed to play in the game. Obviously prescribed medications are permitted, we will ask that you take these in the Out of Character area though.

No Touching. We have a strict no touching policy in Beyond the Sunset. No one is to touch another person at all with one exception. Permission may be given by individuals at the game, which must be stated aloud and clearly. If you are in doubt it's simple don't touch. Rough Housing or inappropriate touching is never acceptable and will not be tolerated.

If you have any queries about these or any other rules please do not hesitate to contact the VC/DC for further Clarification.


After each game, many of the players get together to talk about the game, catch up, and generally hang out and have fun after being at each other's throats all night. This is a great way to meet new people, tell everyone how good (or bad) your character is, maybe recruit for a table top game you'd like to run and most importantly unwind in a non-threatening or intense setting.

Afters normally occur at a pub or club based on the general consensus of the membership. Obviously the no drinking rule no longer applies as the game/s will have finished. When you're at the game, be sure to ask the Venue Coordinator where the Post-Game Gathering is happening.