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Nox Immortalis - Domain of Toowoomba

The Toowoomba Domain first formed in 1997, with Shaun Donaldson our first coordinator, and Rodney Austin, our first Storyteller. We have been patient and persistent all these years, running a plethora of games both as part of the sanctioned chronicles as well as a few occasional troupe games, all under the world of darkness storyteller system. It's been a blast, and we'd encourage you to be a part of it, for a little or a long time.

Toowoomba The Real History

This is a compilation of the real history of Toowoomba and our region, compiled from a number of online sources. It is provided here as a source of information and inspiration. While we aren't a capital city, we are an important one, and so is our region. Players are also encouraged to use this as a resource for creating their character histories.

The Staff

Welcome to Toowoomba.  Mind your step.

Domain Staff

Venue Staff

  • Requiem 2.0 VC James
  • Requiem 2.0 VST Rod

The Games

2.0 Baby - Welcome to the land.. of the New.!!

Join in the creative whimsy of the Toowoomba team, as they bring to you the wonderment of imagination, the power of dreams, and the terror of nightmares. In two very different perspectives in the new Chronicles of Darkness, come along on the journey with Vampire: the Requiem, Second Edition and Werewolf: the Forsaken, Second Edition. Both are a new style, new mechanics, new Chronicle.

Both our games are held on the 3rd Saturday of each month, except December.

Please pay attention to our Event invitations on our open Facebook group "Beyond the Sunset Toowoomba" for event details. We have a new game venue location, up near Picnic Point, so look forward to some good times.

Also, we almost always head out after game to enjoy the important social aspect of our club, talk about the game and enjoy each other's company, talk about game, and unwind. The social aspect to the Toowoomba Domain is a big part of who we are, and why we do what we do. It's not about our characters, but our players.

Forsaken 2.0

Horror and Terror (HAT) Venue

It's been a lot of years since we got to enjoy the spiritual and violent world of the Werewolves here in Toowoomba. So far, we are the only sanctioned Forsaken 2.0 game in Australia which is pretty special. Come on the ride with us, explore this new and exciting edition, just part of the new Chronicles of Darkness.

Game is held with sign on from 1:30pm, with game running from 2:00pm - 5pm.

Werewolf is a game of savage violence and bloody horror.
Werewolf is about dominance and violence, about a world divided into “us” and “them.”
It’s about hunting and being hunted in turn.
It’s about how far you would go for one of your own.
Werewolf is about finding prey and running it to the ground, hearing it roar defiance or beg for mercy, then crushing its throat in your jaws.
It’s about enjoying violence and dominance in a way that you won’t otherwise admit to.
Werewolf is a game about the thrill of the hunt, and the fear of being hunted.

Requiem 2.0

Shadows Of Chance & Killable Sorrows (SOCKS) Venue. Follow the link to the Requiem 2.0 page (LINK)

Vampire is a staple in most domains, and Toowoomba is no exception. Requiem returns to Toowoomba, so join with us as we explore and enjoy this new edition of the Requiem aspect of the new Chronicle of Darkness.

Game is held following the Forsaken game, after a break for Dinner. Sign on from 6pm, with game running something like 6:30pm - 10:30pm.

Vampire is a game of visceral drama and personal horror.
Vampire is about sex and murder, about power and wild defiance. It’s about urban squalor and the romance of the city.
It’s about what’s wrong with you — yes, you — and how that shapes the monster you’ll become.
Vampire is also about thrilling action and nail-biting paranoia.
It’s about dying young and being a great-looking corpse.
It’s about acting out in all of the ways we imagine we would, if only we couldn’t see ourselves in the mirror.
Vampire is a game about dead people and it should make you feel alive.
Vampire is built on contrast, taking place in a World of Darkness with blinding whites and pitch blacks. Characters try to stay in the cool, comfortable grays, but they can’t hide all the time. And, hey, they look good in black.

Past Venues

If you are looking for our old Venues, they can be found with the below links.

Lost 1.0 Venue

Requiem 1.0 Venue


  • Steve's Character Sheets. New Chronicle, new sheets. Nice work, mystery Steve. Make sure you are looking at the 2.0 Chronicle Sheets.
  • The Global Addenda and Settings Documents. All the rule tweaks, modifications, and restrictions for the chronicle can be found here. Know how your sheet works, and these will identify the differences between the books and our global chronicle. They also show you the approval levels, for various items you might want on your character sheets.
  • In the same place as all the addenda, you can find the CDD or Character Development Document. This is the new document for use with all characters in the sanctioned, global Shadow Play International chronicle. By completing this document, and having approved, you will earn 4 Experience Points for the character the document is about. This document is designed to help both the player and the Storytellers flesh out and understand the character, filling in background and relevant character ties. It may be completed only once per character, though players are encouraged to update this document as their character evolves across the chronicle. Make sure you are filling out the one from the 2.0 Chronicle Section.
  • Genre Directories. Lists all of the neato stuff, for every venue, including where to find it. Super helpful for finding a power you remember seeing, but can't remember where, or how to find that groovy power someone was talking about. Don't take their word for it, find it and check it out for yourself.