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As the fire sets, the ashes of Armidale settle and the Court regains its standing. Ben.png

Domain of Armidale

In the World of Darkness the development of the city of Armidale reflects that of the true world right up till 1962. At that point the introduction of the Metz nuclear reactor created a sustained industrial boom. The surge was at first a direct result of construction of the facility, but retraining programs allowed many in the workforce to remain in the area as a new centre for High Energy Research emerged.

This dark reflection of real-world Armidale has over 250 000 residents and has been informally divided into 36 suburbs, each with their own points of interest and hazards.

One of the most important sites in the Armidale area is the Meeting Place, a historic site of curious construction and mystical significance.


Game Dates

Armidale Game Dates Have Changed
Oct 2016 Games: 8 or 15 October most likely (changed)
Jan 2017 Games: 14 January suggested (changed)
Oct 2017 Games: 7 or 14 October most likely (changed)

The Games

Storyteller Joel H Shannon K Sam H Kris L
Dates 1st Sat/month 1st Sat/month Sunday after Requiem Info
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Armidale organise infrequent social get-togethers, particularly when visitors are joining us for games. Please contact contact the domain staff below to organise group breakfasts, morning coffee etc.

Domain Staff

  • DST - Bianca Schloeffel -
  • DC - Callie Lace -