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The Help pages are to provide help on the creation and development of pages on the Beyond the Sunset wiki. Please note that all pages are currently under development.

The following conventions should be used as a guide when naming pages on the Beyond the Sunset Wiki.

Below are the naming conventions for pages based on their purpose and level within the clubs structure (starting from the characters to National level). The convention is listed next to each title, where "Page" represents the sections name.

For example "Domain Genre Page" would be the domain name, followed by the genre name and lastly the section name. Where the a page for the list of characters in the Sydney Vampire the Requiem game would have a name of Sydney Requiem Characters.

In general page names should be full words, rather than abbreviations or acronym, unless it is a commonly used term (such as IC, OOC, DC, VST, BTS) or would otherwise be unsuitable to have the full word. Each word is to start with a capital letter with the remaining letters in lower case, unless it is required such as for acronyms or character names.

  • Domains should be the city name in full (e.g. Canberra or St. Louis), as listed in the Sidebar.
  • Genres should be the unique name in full with the edition identifier (e.g. Apocalypse BNS or Requiem CofD).

Character/Group (Page)

These pages are for characters, lineages and any other IC group. Consideration should be made for other characters, so the full name (with title, first name and/or last name) should be used when available. Creating a page for a character called John Smith named 'John' may not be available or would restrict others, so 'John Smith' or 'Brother John' may be a better option.


  • Arlington Family
  • Doubting Thomas
  • Father Constantine
  • Patrick Lucan

Venue Level Page (Domain Genre Page)

Venue level pages that are used for the local games, covering pages for characters, locations, IC history and even the VSS (Venue Style Sheet).


  • Armidale Lost VSS
  • Canberra Masquerade History
  • Perth Forsaken Locations
  • Sydney Requiem Characters
  • Sydney Requiem Reset Characters

Domain Level Pages (Domain Page)

Domain level pages relating to administration or other non-in-game related purposes, covering position holders, game locations, position holders or DSS (Domain Style Sheet).


  • Melbourne DSS
  • National Council
  • Perth Venue Locations
  • Sydney Position Holders

National Level Pages

National level genre information is generally encapsulated within the Global Level Categories (see below).

National Level General Page (Page)

National pages that are not used as categories and cover national guides, player references and general information pages. The alternative is to have a 'Category' page (above).


  • Character Development Document
  • Cruac Guide
  • Resources Images
  • New Player Guide

Global Level Categories

Global categories can cover genre groups (clans, lodges), mechanics, powers or any other categories. These categories can have body content (describing the topic) and list all pages that have this category.

Note that, as peditionchronicle identifier:

  • CofD for Chronicles of Darkness
  • BNS for World of Darkness (By Night Studios edition)
  • x20 for World of Darkness (20th Anniversary edition, with x = genre)


  • Category: Autumn Court CofD
  • Category: Carthian Movement CofD
  • Category: Nosferatu BNS
  • Category: Nosferatu CofD
  • Category: Ragabash W20

To link to a category, use the syntax [[:Category: Topic EID]], such as [[:Category: Ventrue CofD]].


Files should be short but descriptive be named, with spaces, where each word starts with a capital letter. Spaces are required to allow searching, but will be replaced with an underscore '_' when it is to be used. The File List is the best location to search for files.

Common images are those for use by all and relate to genres or groups within a genre. The naming convention is to follow a hierarchy of keywords to help with identification.

  • Genre - the unique name of the genre for the image if needed.
  • Name - the actual identifier for the image.
  • Size - inclusion of a size reference, where this should only be included to help differentiate between multiple files.
    • Pixel reference such as '70' (70x70px) and '100' (100x100px).
    • Comparative reference such as 'Small' or 'Large' if there are two versions.


  • 'Lost Skull' (Lost_Skull.jpg) - skull logo for Changeling the Lost.
  • 'Requiem Carthian Movement' (Requiem_Carthian_Movement.png) - logo for the Carthian Movement.
  • 'Requiem Ventrue 70' (Requiem_Ventrue_70.gif) - 70px logo fr the Ventrue if there is also a 100px version.

Unique images are those for particular pages, whether they be for characters, groups or venues. These are files that are not likely to be used by others. Naming is up to the user, so long as they are short but descriptive. Character, groups, or venue names should be used, as an example a file name such as 'Character Photo' or 'Chibi' does not lend itself to a particular character.

Please note that this was based on a review of existing files.


  • Template names should be short but descriptive, with spaces, where each word starts with a capital letter. Spaces are replaced with an underscore '_' when the template is to be used.
  • Template parameters should be in lower case, with no spaces, e.g. "order", "consiliumstatus", "stemail".

Please note that this was based on recent templates.



Category pages and normal pages can be redirected to the other. The approach taken is dependant on the usefulness of having information on the category page and the listing of pages within the category. This is easily changed in the future.

As example:

Redirection to page

The category 'Sydney' is redirected to the Sydney page, as it is a location for general information for the domain and acts as a portal for other pages through its content.

Wiki code for the category: #REDIRECT [[pagename]]

Redirection to category without genre (not cross-genre)

The page for Carthian Movement is redirected to the 'Carthian Movement' category as it will contain information on the covenant and list all other pages (characters, lineages and powers) that have 'Carthian Movement' as a category. There is no need for the genre (Requiem) as covenants are not cross-genre.

Wiki code for the page: #REDIRECT [[:Category:categoryname]]

Redirection to category with genre (cross-genre)