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The City of Perth

Swan River Colony - Domain of Perth

Isolation. This word describes Perth well.

Hidden in its corner of the world, distant from the activities of the East Coast, Perth is a gem that many struggle to control. Its location and design, a merger of urban and rural, makes it ideal for hidden and sinister experiments to go unnoticed - making it key grounds for the Awakened. Its population of 2-million and year-round tourisim make it an ideal location for Changelings and Kindred to hide from their many troubles. With this mix of activities, Spirits often run rampant requiring the Forsaken to patrol the streets and surrounding countryside to maintain order and balance. But where are they?


Domain Staff

For all 'Out of Character' or real world enquiries contact our Domain Coordinator. All game related enquiries should be directed to the Domain Storyteller, who will either assist you directly or put you in touch with the appropriate Venue Storyteller.
Domain Storyteller (DST) - Paul Taylor
Domain Coordinator (DC) - Vlad Kolman

Venue Staff

As there is only one venue, please refer to the Domain Staff section for the time being.

The Games

Current Chronicles

Perth Requiem CofD Tales of Pride, Hope and Tribulation (ToPHaT)
VST: Mary Tyler
VC: Boui Souradeth
Game runs every 4 weeks on Saturday evening 7pm-midnight (4/1/2020, 1/2/2020, 29/2/2020, 28/3/2020)
Perth Werewolf the Forsaken CofD The Equity of Arbitration (TEA)
VST: Mick Atwell
VC: Evvyn Malcolm
Games run every 4 weeks on Saturday evening 7pm-Midnight (16/1/2021, 13/2/2021, 13/3/2021)

Archived Games

Perth Archived-Requiem Shadow on the Swan (SHOTS)
Chronicle has ended.
Perth Archived-Lost Lately Out, Seriously Troubled (PL)
Chronicle has ended.
Perth Archived-Awakening Tale of the Broken Quill (TBQ)
Chronicle has ended.
Perth Requiem CofD Perdition: A Nocturne to Sin (PANTS)
Chronicle has ended.


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Beyond The Sunset Lost
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Mailing List

The OOC perth mailing list is the official domain email communications list set up by the NCC, further details are available. To join the mailing list, or for other club mailing lists please visit Mailing Lists