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Adelaide | Masquerade V5

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DOA - Domain of Adelaide

Adelaide's longest running World of Darkness LARP.

To play in this Domain, you MUST be a member of Beyond the Sunset. Get six months free membership by joining now.

The Domain

Domain Staff

  • Domain Storyteller - ??? -
  • Domain Coordinator - Alex Mackenzie -

Riot in the Blood - Vampire: the Masquerade 5th Edition

Adelaide Masquerade V5

  • VST Masquerade V5 - Alex Thomson -
  • VC Masquerade V5 - Vanessa Lamb -

Game Location: Western Link Uniting Church, 93 Crittenden Road, Findon, 5023

Dates of Games for 2021

2021 BTS Game Calendar.JPG

Games may be cancelled or moved at short notice due to exceptional circumstances, please use this as a rough guide when planning trips to the Domain.

Domain Resources

Game Information

Discord Servers

  • No IC/Official V5 Discord servers this Chron
  • Must Add Overarching BTS server here

Helpful Documents

Archived Adelaide CofD Chronicle 2018-2021

Adelaide Requiem CofD (Ended 2021)
Adelaide Forsaken CofD (Ended 2021)
Adelaide Awakening CofD (Ended 2019?)

Archived Adelaide NWoD Chronicle 2013-2017

Adelaide News Stories (Ended 2017)

Adelaide-Lost (Ended 2015)

Adelaide Awakening (Ended 2017)

Adelaide Requiem (Ended 2017)