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Armidale DSS

Domain Style Sheet for the Armidale chapter of Beyond the Sunset
DSS Approved: October 2010 #TOPAUS0063

Administration Information

Domain Name & Domain Number
Armidale (PTAP) & PTAPAU032

DC/DST Names, Membership Numbers, Contact Information
DST: Bianca Schloeffel -
DC: Callie Lace -

Game Location, Times And Fees

Games are held at Education Building, University of England, ARMIDALE, NSW, 2351 on the first weekend of every month
There is no cost for game attendance.

Mailing Lists, Websites & Online Resources
Domain, national and organisational announcements are posted over our out of character mailing list, of which all members of the domain should be subscribed:

Game Information

Below is a map displaying Armidale as it exists in the Beyond the Sunset chronicle.

BTS Armidale Map.jpg

The map has also been divided into various territories for the control and allocation of resources required by PC's in their respective venues.


Since the end of World War II, Armidale has expanded exponentially from the discovery of radioactive material and the subsequent construction of the Metz Nuclear Reactor. The reactor has also been a catalyst for growth in the areas of science and research through government and private enterprise funding Armidale and the University of New England.

The follow-on effect of such an immense enterprise taking root in Armidale has also opened up vast potential for commerical and industrial sectors and Armidale's population in the last half of the twentieth century has grown to sizes never before estimated. Unemployment is low compared to the rest of the state; power and utilities are relatively cheap and quality of life is higher than surrounding regions. This has attracted all manner of inhabitants of the World of Darkness to Armidale's streets...

Character types from the base rulebooks are preferred. A character with pending approvals may enter play, however items/powers/etc. Not yet approved may NOT be utilized or referred to in case the application is denied.
Characters of local players from unsupported Venues are attached to this DSS.

TRANSPORT IN/OUT is being updated for the 2013 Chronicle; Safe travel for PC's will incorporate a revitalised rail system linking Toowoomba and Brisbane lines going north and a Sydney line to the south. The operations of this branch of the rail will effectively be an 'IC Mirror' of the DST facilitating the transfer and movements of characters in and out of the game.


For those players who are members of PtAP, but are unable to make regular games because they reside outside of Armidale, sending reports (called Absent Player Reports) on downtime scenes and email interaction personally or over lists may garner them more experience than standard players.

2-5 experience can be awarded to a player who is unable to attend ANY games for the month. Level of the award will be determined by the VST based on the complexity of the Downtime and how it adds to the understanding of the characters history/motivations These awards are to ensure that players are not disadvantage by being unable to attend games, and cannot apply in any month they attend a game either here or elsewhere.


In agreement with ALL the VST's the following new XP system will be implemented for ALL nWoD venues within Armidale.
Game Attendance = 6xp
Most Circle of Love* votes = 2 xp (via circle of love) Assistance with Set Up and Pack Up = 2 xp

*Circle of Love is used by players to identify memorable players, characters, scenes and props within the game that they truly enjoyed. Players may mention multiple people during the circle, but they can only give their vote to 1 person.</i>
Justification: The ST can not be everywhere at once, and really the game is about what the players enjoy. This peer review system frees up the ST from judgement calls and allows greater transparency. The players themselves determine who is most rewarded for the games they play.

Downtime procedures may vary by venue. Check the genre specific VSS
However the general guidelines below apply

  • All experience expenses must include an explanation of how the stat was obtained, and as a guideline
  • Each expenditure after the first requires a downtime action.
  • No stat may be increased more than once in a month – so you can’t buy more than a single level of any one skill, trait, ability, or power in a month.
  • Purchasing the 4th or 5th level of any skill should be accompanied with a detailed explanation as this reflects expert knowledge in a field.

It is recommended that all players put in a default modus operandi for downtimes to the ST in case they cannot for some reason send in a downtime action for the month. This will take effect if no instructions are received by the storyteller from the player by the due date and will be worth a once-off reward of 2 xp.

It is acknowledged that players may come into information about the other inhabitants of the World of Darkness at some stage of playing their character (through other PCs, lists, rumour, etc.). The VST expects the player to portray this knowledge reasonably, showing doubt and denial where appropriate.

Proxy characters from other Domains are welcome, but they do so at their own risk.
If you wish your character to be portrayed at an actual game a local player needs to be found to perform this role. The ST chain has enough imaginary friends.
Players are to send the completed Proxy statement, character sheet and complete XP log via their DST to the relevant PtAP VST.

All proxy statements must be received a minimum of one week before the date of any specific game the character will be proxying to.


Getting to Armidale
If driving, Armidale is on the New England Highway, which is an inland route between Sydney and Brisbane. Driving time from Sydney is about 6 hours and Brisbane is around 5 hours with less than 3 hours from the coast. From the New England Highway, find the UNE exit, which is the second Armidale exit from either direction, just after or before an overpass. Taking this exit follow all signs to UNE. (see above for directions once you reach UNE)
If flying, taking the train, or catching the coach, taxis available at the airport, train station and bus station should be told you are going to the Education Building at UNE. Alternatively, if pre-arranged with the members of the domain, lifts from either of these locations are easily arranged.

Getting to the Game
At the turnoff drive into the City Centre, the Tattersals Hotel is on the Mall.


Requiem: VSS / Wiki
Awakening: VSS / Wiki
Lost: VSS / Wiki

Forsaken, and Geist have no active venues at this time; these character types fall under this DSS

Last Updated 8-Aug-2013