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Circle of the Crone Headquarters

Physical Description

  • Located at 1701 Kienlen Ave. in Saint Louis, in an old church. Grounds are surrounded by a tall fence that appears wrought iron, and coated in something black with an odd reddish tint. Much of the fence is covered in vines, making it hard to see on the grounds. The old priest's house on the property, on Evanston Avenue, has a shorter version of the other fence, making it more accessible and was converted into a art studio.

Known to mortal society

  • Church was bought and taken over by the Dawn Order of the Novaera, a lesser known group of new agers who use Crystal resonance to heal and commune with the 'Mother'. The church is off limited to all but the higher members, who are rarely seen coming and going late at night. However the members have already started pushing money into beautification and betterment of the community, so are looked on as odd, but appreciated newcomers.
  • Side building is a paint and sip art studio, Nouveau Noir.

Known to the Night Congress

  • Vampire use the buildings for something.

Known to the Vampires

  • Main building houses the Circle of Crone Headquarters. Admittance to the church proper is limited to Circle members...or those that are never seen again, for the most part.


  • Meth dealers seem to vanish in the nearby community

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