Caleb Treyarch

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Caleb Treyarch
Concept: Escaped Pact Sealer
Seeming: Elemental
Kith: Notary
Court: Summer
City: Southern Cross
Motley: A Friendly Formation of the Fondness of a Few
Born: 2006
Player: Evan
Storyteller: [mailto: Southern Cross VST]
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Personal Information


Caleb is a tall dark haired man with piercing green eyes and a near permanent scowl on his face. Caleb dresses in good but cheap suits, his right forearm is constantly bandaged and often hidden under long sleeved shirts.


To fae eyes Caleb's skin is covered in burning script made up of every binding agreement he has ever made in whatever language it was made in, including the twisted script of Arcadia. This appears to be carved into the skin showing the fire that sits below the skin. Each contract seems to be battling with the others to take up more important locations of his skin, so things like him agreeing to the terms and conditions for a website ending up somewhere like the soles of his feet while the one that had him taken to Arcadia and then the one that provided his chance of escape constantly war over his heart. His hair is made up of smoke and his eyes are balls of fire and his veins glow with the fire that flows through them. The bandages remain on his arm heavy enough even to block the glow of the words that cover his skin.


Caleb is unfortunately best known for his temper that he has difficulty keeping under control and his naivety that can get him into trouble. He has a true hatred of the Fae and Arcadia not just his keeper and is very vocal about his desire to see the whole place burn.

  • Reading
  • Dogs
  • Honesty
  • Deliberately misleading people
  • Rain
  • Fae Contracts
  • Legal dealings
  • Subtle insults
  • Temper
  • Trusting others
  • Alchohol
  • Storms
  • Drawing
  • Card games


Information Known by Lost Society

Caleb was tricked into following his keeper to Arcadia promising to help the Fae ensure that others kept their promises to him. He then spent countless years as a brazier that was used to sanctify all oaths sworn to and sometimes by his keeper. This process involved tearing a part of himself off which was embedded into those swearing the oath. Caleb was also the punishment, burning to "death" those fae who broke their oaths. This time was spent locked in a room with nothing to interact with than the oaths he had taken into himself and ensuring those who carried a part of him were upholding their part of the deal. It wasn't till his keeper swore an oath with several other fae to "allow all those involved in the swearing of this oath free passage through the lands of the others" that Caleb realised he had an escape. Since he was part of the deal, no matter how unintentionally, no one could prevent him from leaving. He crawled from his brazier, grabbed the first thing he saw that could have been useful and hightailed it back home. Caleb though can't return to his family as he has a fetch who is still the age he should be living with his parents. Despite his hatred of the fetch he is in a way protective of it as he does not want to see his parents sad. Even if they will never know who he really is.

Recent Events

Caleb has only been out a few months but his time in the hedge has matured him enough that he can function, mostly, well in mortal society. He has managed to build a new identity based entirely on his original one just changing details of his age and education. He is currently trying to build a mortal reputation as an honest lawyer specialising in contract law. In the court he has joined summer as he cannot think of Arcadia with anything other than rage. He also offers his assistance in ensuring all contracts between the lost are honest and when needed to try and help them get out of any deals with the fae. Caleb has now re-connected with the only friend he had in Arcadia and joined her Motley.


"In order to understand the loopholes in a fae contract you need to either be one of the fae or insane. Lucky for you I'm a little of both."

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  • The bandages on his arm cover a contract even Caleb cannot get out of.

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