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The Analysts are one of the most mysterious Incarnations of the Angels created by the God-Machine, often unrecognized even among their own conspecifics. They act as the eyes of the God-Machine, observing, cataloguing and evaluating information, but without actively shaping it, like Messengers do. In this capacity, they lay down the designs that will later be turned into Blueprints and Infrastructures.

Analyst angels are perhaps the most common of the God-Machine's servants, but they also often go unnoticed. Many Analysts are sent simply to watch and report, though some - the ones most susceptible to the Fall - have instructions to retrieve samples, measurements, and other data. Analysts are seldom given solo missions; more often an Analyst accompanies Destroyers to learn how to kill and break more efficiently, Guardians to check the efficacy of their tactics, Psychopomps to time their construction or travel, or Messengers to report back on signal-to-noise ratio in their communications.

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