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Personal Information

Mikhail as a Mortal grew up with a well off family for most of his life until he got heavily into Gay activist rights at 15, due to this his parents kicked him out and he was forced to live on the streets. Being quite a well looking boy and in need of money and a place to stay he began to illegally sell his body at night clubs to men which in the end caused him to be infected with HIV. Hearing some rumours that there was a cure to his illness and having it becoming more severe Mikhail went in search of the cure off every lead he could find. In the end he ended up finding his Sire who at first refused to help him, despite this he stuck around to get to know her more and in the end was offered a way out, Mikhail took this offer and was Embraced. After leaning everything from his Sire Mikhail attempted to return to Adelaide but decided heavily against it due to the amount of people who knew him still being alive and instead moved far out to Gawler, 16 years later he decided it was time to return to Adelaide to once more become apart of something. Going on nothing but a few words gathered by Kendrick Tyger He entered his first day of Court.


Standing at 5'7" (172cm) Mikhail isn't very tall but isn't small enough to be considered short either, He looks to be around 24, 25 depending on if he has made himself look appealing or not and is a very light 65kg. His hair is medium brunette in colour and comes down just past his ears, curling outwards if it has been raining. If one were to look closer they would notice the unique icey blue eyes which Mikhail finds to be one of his favourite traits. His attire consists of clothing you'd normally have found worn in the 1990's a pair of Navy blue jeans always worn as well as a Denim shirt over some kind of button up or regular t-shirt. Sometimes he can be found wearing a Leather coat but will never be seen without his Arrow-head Necklace.

Will often be seen wearing Emerald contacts and a blonde wig, these are very convincing


Mikhail on first meetings will either come off as someone you enjoy to be around or someone you enjoy to hate, it all depends on how you view his lighter side of life. He loves to make those around him laugh and will always use his words to do so, so long as the situation permits it. He will always be kind to those he deems friends and will give off his silver tongue answers if you are not. Saying this Mikhail's words are one of his best and worst talents as he never quite knows when to stop using them however when a situation seems dire he always knows what to say to pull himself out of a great hole. Mikhail is also one who loves Equality of all forms and strong heartedly believes that Kine and Kindred are one and the same on the social level but deems it unwise to reveal these feelings to just anyone knowing how kindred society views such things.

Mortal World

The Mortal world sees Mikhail as Danny Wells, he is high on Adelaide's Wanted list for Gun theft and evading Arrest

Information Known by Kindred Society


  • 1960 - Amber and Gregory Torre move from England to Australia for work
  • 1970 - Mikhail is born in the Women's and Childrens hospital to his mother and father who were more than better off when it came to wealth
  • 1974 - Mikhail's sister is born in the women's and childrens hospital
  • 1975 - Mikhail attends Prescot Colledge for his elementary years of school
  • 1982 - Mikhail refuses to go to church with his parents for their usual sunday sermons
  • 1983 - Mikhail becomes distant from his family
  • 1984 - Mikhail comes out as being a homosexual, his parents are distraught but live with his descision in disgust
  • 1985 - Mikhail becomes more involved in gay rights, moving for wanting equality for marriage, His parents kick him out and his sister becomes ill with Lukemia
  • 1986 - Mikhail gets a part time job at a gas station in order to live in a small apartment
  • 1987 - Mikhail's sister dies from her Lukemia and Mikhail loses his job due to his own actions forcing him to seek work in other places, mostly going to the gay bars and offering himself for sex for money despite it being illegal
  • 1989 - Mikhail contracts HIV from one of his usuals , he becomes very distressed and ends up drinking a lot of his money away
  • 1990 - Mikhail Tries to take his own life and fails ultimately then seeing this as an act of fate that he must continue living and he begins searching for ways to help his HIV
  • 1992 - Mikhail hears rumours that there is a way to cure him of his HIV, he is skeptical and shrugs it off
  • 1993 - Mikhail's HIV worsens and he develops AIDS, his original skepticism is pushed past by his want to live and he goes in search of a 'cure'
  • 1994 - Mikhail is found by a Kindred who offers him a way to be free from his disease, Mikhail agrees and is sired.
  • 1995 - Mikhail takes a night course for bartending on order to get his life back on track
  • 1996 - Mikhail is hired as a night time bartender at the local casino due to his charismatic nature
  • 1998 - Mikhail is released and returns to Gawler, Getting a job at a Casino there
  • 2014 - Mikhail meets Tyger Kendrick who suggests him to seek out Reverend Ward to talk more about the Grail and the Longinian Faith.
  • 2015 - Mikhail spends his first year at a court, It turns his entire view on the world upside down

Recent History


  • JUL

- Sees his Sire again after a long time at his first Court

- Listens to Jack West's new format for the Court and how Adelaide will run, begins feeling wary of those around him

  • SEP - Mikhail is put on trial for almost breach of the Masquerade and loses a hand, Mikhail then frenzies in front of the entire court and loses a second. He is placed in Celest's care.
  • OCT

- At the Arena Court meeting Mikhail challenges Ariana whom ends up Riding the Frenzy at him, when later being apologized to he is Entranced to her.

- Mikhail attends court alone without someone to watch him, He uses this time to practice his Obfuscation skill

  • NOV

- Witnessed the signing of a Blood oath

  • Dec

- Announces to the court he is Ventrue


  • JAN

- Meets many Kindred from interstate, finds one of them utterly repulsive. Misses the change over to go feeding and regrets it.

  • FEB


  • MAR

-Mikhail is given the Priscus Harpy position

  • APR

-Mikhail's Sire, Broodmate and Broodmate's Childer are all met with final death. Mikhail finds it hard to cope and Frenzies often

  • MAY

-Mikhail Gives up the Priscus Harpy Position

  • JUN

-Mikhail Loses his legs after being placed into Torpor, he is wheelchair bound

-Mikhail Becomes Priscus of the Ventrue

-Mikhail hears of Ariana Trentworth's Final Death, he feels nothing for it.

  • JUL

-Mikhail goes after Alice for the murder of Ariana Trentworth, he succeeds in Torporing her only to be Torpored by the master of Elysium for breaking Elysium law

-Mikhail is awakened in court, he is told Noah has met Final Death. He drives to his last known location before then driving back to Noah's apartment, surrounding himself in his things before going into Voluntary Torpor

-Carsten takes Mikhail's Torpored corpse back to his Haven


Kindred Family

Means not in play, either through Death or Retirement

Known Sire

Evelyn Bathory - Mikhail feels as if Evelyn is all he has left in this world as she is the closest thing to a family he has. He would do anything to protect her and keep her safe (Deceased)

Known Siblings

Lord Alister Bathory - Mikhail feels fear and respect for his sibling, wanting to please him and get into his good books (Deceased)

Known Childer

Known Grand-childer


Quotes By

  • "He should get a nice Tan" - Opinion on Timothy Ward after his explanations of his Herd
  • "I failed them all. I wasn't there and now they never will be again. My family, once again ripped from me"
  • "Fuck this place, Fuck this Court, they took the only thing I had away from me. He's dead and he's gone and it's over... maybe in a decade or two things will be better, those I hate will be gone, and I can start again and be at peace" - Mikhail to himself before going into Voluntary Torpor

Quotes About

  • "Give him his moment" - Timothy Ward to Abigail Reiniger
  • "He is somewhat stubborn, definitely headstrong, and thoroughly un-Mekhet. But that could be what makes him a great Mekhet. Nobody expects this brash, unthinking neonate to be as quietly calculating as I have seen Mikhail be; and that is why he is ultimately, wonderfully dangerous." - Evelyn Grace
  • "Hmm, I don't think I've met him, have I its hard to recall, I would love to speak to him in person. Mekhet or not he seems interesting ..." - Karlin
  • "I'm about ninety percent certain I beat him up for his lunch money when he was a kid." - Lucky
  • "He's out of this world." - Logan "Dragiskra" Hall
  • Luckymikhail.gif
- From Lucky
  • "He is my closest Kindred friend. Sure, we had some ups and downs, entrancement and police based issues but I still wouldn't trade his company in for any other Kindred. Well maybe Jack, but that's for different reasons" - Ariana Trentworth
  • "He's reckless, and he needs to think about the consequences of his actions before doing them, though I'd be lying if I denied that he does have a sort of charm to him. I like him." - Noah Taylor shortly after meeting him properly at Court and getting to know him better.
  • "Intriguing indeed that a publicly professed Atheist should turn to the Church to see his House remembered." Elizabeth Saint-Matthew after Mikhail asked her to perform funerary rites for his deceased Sire, broodmate and nephew.
  • "If only you weren't so close to the Beast. People use it as an excuse to belittle and accuse you, though they don't really know you. I wish things were different. Maybe we could even be happy together. Happy, in this fucked up world we live in." - Noah Taylor quietly before joining Mikhail in daysleep in their favourite spot.


"Quote" - reference


  • Mikhail purposefully rejects orders and will cause mischief wherever he goes
  • Mikhail is an idiot in the main scheme of things
  • Mikhail hates the colour yellow
  • Mikhail believes he is now owed power
  • Mikhail just wanted Noah over for a sleepover but neither Alice nor Peter Clark would let him

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