Morph Longstride

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Morph Longstride
Concept: Information broker
Seeming: Darkling
Kith: Mirrorskin
Court: Autumn
City: [[ Lost CofD|]]
Player: Claire Atwell
Storyteller: [mailto: VST]
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Personal Information

Not many know where Morph came from, or even their true face. What is known, is that they know things. If you need a guide through the Hedge, to get out of a sticky situation or someone who knows someone to find out something best left hidden - someone might give you Morph's number.


The most common form of their mask is a tall, androgynous person with very plain and almost completely unremarkable features. Shoulder length hair that is neither blonde nor brown and pale blue eyes.


In their Changeling Mien they appear to be made of dark clay, featureless and only vaguely human shaped. Sometimes parts of their body shift to mirror the person they are talking to, perhaps eye colour or the features of a beast may form from the clay of their face.


Often misunderstood and ever so slightly creepy in the way they change to mirror the person they talk to, Morph is actually quite a gentle and sensitive person. They are incessantly curious, with what can only be described as a dangerous fascination for all things magical. They can't help themselves and will sometimes ask uncomfortable questions though it's clear they hate the Fae as much as the next person.

  • New gadgets/fruits/foods/secrets/places
  • Practical jokes
  • Soft things
  • Anything itchy or prickly
  • Enclosed spaces
Ties Sought
  • People who have commissioned services as a Hedge-guide, purchased information or trinkets or other services
  • People they've helped escape the Hedge
  • I am pretty open to suggestion, if you can think of it I can probably work it in


Information Known by Lost Society


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