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Concept: Incubus
Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Playmate
Court: Spring •••
City: St. Louis
Title: None
Motley: None
Born: Unknown
Player: Khris Webb
Storyteller: St. Louis VST

Personal Information


Puck is on the shorter side at 5 ft. 6 in, thin and athletic with short black and curly hair. His eyes are bright blue and his most arresting natural feature, though his punk attire and liberal use of eyeliner and other make-up as it suits him is often what catches people’s attention first. He appears to be in his early twenties, though he can push that up or down a good five years with clothes alone. His license says he’s 32, which most people find hard to believe.


As a Fairest, Puck is impossibly beautiful, and as a Playmate that was used as the perfect actor, he was lucky enough to retain an almost entirely human appearance. His complexion is smooth and his hair is perfectly mussed, messy but never a lock truly out of place; his few freckles are strategically placed beauty marks. His few inhuman traits hint that was more to his time in Arcadia than prancing around on a stage: his ears look like they end in black tips from afar, but up close they can be seen to end delicate black feathers. His eyes look blue, but when upset they actually are stormy, complete with clouds and lightning in the irises. Since joining the Spring Court, his lips always smell, and feel, of sweet rose petals.


Puck's a gregarious flirt that likes to party.

  • People
  • Sex
  • Alcohol
  • Fun Drugs
  • Parties
  • Abusers
  • Prudes
  • The Hedge
  • Flirting
  • Seeing what's attractive about someone
  • Throwing Parties (adult ones, specifically)
  • Making jewelry
  • Adulting
  • Temperence
  • Prudence
  • The Hedge
  • Arcadia
  • Sex
  • Making jewelry
  • Partying


None currently.


Puck is what he goes by in both mortal and Lost society. Most of human society assumes he had it changed to seem more intriguing or cool and it's just not unusual in Lost society to have only one name.

Information Known by Lost Society

Puck returned from Arcadia a little over three years ago in the Columbia, Mo area. The lack of structured freehold there makes specific information hard to come by. He moved to St. Louis to expand his mortal business in September of 2018 and joined the Night Congress of the city once he was aware it existed.


  • 2018 - Very little is known of Puck before his appearance in St. Louis in September of 2018. Those that dig into his life discover that he lived in Columbia, Mo before that and still spends a fair amount of time traveling between the two cities. A look into a legal history will find a bland recounting that he was raised on a family farm by parents that distrusted the government and never reported his existence. He obtained legal identity five years ago when his parents died of pneumonia and he sold the farm.

Recent Events

Puck recently expanded his business, The Drama Club, to St. Louis. The new property in St. Louis is now the company's headquarters and most of the staff and Puck himself have relocated from Columbia, Mo. He's also become a member of the Night Congress, which has introduced him to all sorts of creatures of the world beyond the Lost.


Quotes By

"I hate this place." - Any time in the Hedge

Quotes About

  • "He's bloody brilliant, and perfectly adorable. He's my family, and I'm really lucky he puts up with me." - Vic


  • Has a thing for scales

Inspirations and Soundtrack

  • For Your Entertainment - Adam Lambert
  • Brave - Sara Bareilles

OOC Information

Member Information
Player: Khris Webb
Number: SNA2007049723
Domain: St. Louis