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==== Quotes By ====
==== Quotes By ====
<!-- Quotes by the character, often about other characters -->
<!-- Quotes by the character, often about other characters -->
"Why do all other Mekhet whisper? You're addressing a group, project darlings!"
==== Quotes About ====
==== Quotes About ====

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Ravenna Little
Concept: Gossipy Advice Columnist
Clan: Mekhet
Covenant: Ordo Dracul
City: Melbourne
Title: none
Sire: Angelo
Bloodline: Pure Clan
Group: house
Embraced: 24.12.1998
Player: Roman Hadley-Lund
Storyteller: Melbourne VST

Personal Information


A young woman, only 20 when embraced, Ravenna adds to their youth with their colourful hair and dusting of freckles. They have an easy smile and a style that can only be described as cosy and soft, often found in oversized sweaters and comfortable shoes.


Ravenna is a sociable girl, they love people, and especially other people's drama. They love to help people with their problems, but their advice is often unsolicited as they do like to talk. They have a great interest in the psychology of being a vampire, especially how age affects the way vampires connect, both with mortals and other vampires.

Mortal World

Ravenna currently runs an advice column for an online magazine, as well as a personal blog/advice column called Go Call a Raven.

Information Known by Kindred Society

Ravenna is known amongst Kindred circles as an accomplished document forger, available for commission to make new Identification Documents for Kindred who have out aged their current documents.


  • 1988 - Born in Dulwich Village, England to Maria and Thomas Little, on October 29
  • 1998 - Embraced while visiting family in Geelong, on December 24th
  • 2003 - Moved to Paris where she eventually met Zippora De Luca
  • 2015 - Moved to Australia and travelled around
  • 2018 - Settled in Melbourne around the beginning of the year
  • 2018 - Went into torpor towards the end of the year

Recent History


  • AUG - Awoke from torpor.


Known Sire

  • Angelo

Known Siblings


Quotes By

"Why do all other Mekhet whisper? You're addressing a group, project darlings!"

Quotes About


Person 1 - "quote."
Person 2 - "quote."
Person 1 - "quote."
Person 2 - "quote."
- reference.



Inspirations and Soundtrack

OOC Information

Member Information
Player: Roman Hadley-Lund
Number: 2016070016
Domain: Melbourne