The Fall of Perth:

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  • In Aug 2015, Virginia Lui is killed by what is assumed to be Strix. Her Body is consumed as if within a fire.
  • In Sept 2015, Bishop Concorde succumbed to torpor as her touchstones had no contact with her. During questioning the Touchstones afterwards, it is discovered that ‘Someone’ Dominated them into forgetting her.
  • Nov 2016, reports and photos are bought to the Archbishop Durenkrail showing corpses being sewn into multi limbed creatures. It is assumed this is the work of a Strix, creating new bodies for Possession
  • Dec 2015 Meredith (a Ghoul) and Crystal (a Ghoul) were attacked during the day by shotgun wielding creatures. Roughly humanoid and formed of dead bodies with glowing yellow eyes, they were neutralised by the two ghouls and handed over to the Ordo Dracul for research purposes.
  • Jan 2016 The Harpy Thamos was attacked by a creature in the form of a winged cow. He was torpored. Vic Debriefed the Guard Survivor with Dominate. A cult was discovered dedicated to the Resurrection of the Finch Owl but they had moved on before the court could do anything about them.
  • Feb 2016, the cult was found performing a ritual on top of Perth’s Central Park Tower. Vic and Meredith who are coordinating on the ground are attacked by two 8 limbed spider like creatures who Meredith eventually defeats. During this fight Vic discovered he can Dominate the creatures. The ritual was identified as Cruac. It was later confirmed that it was possible for the Crone to learn this ritual.
  • April 2016, Herb (A Nos Carthian), Meredith and Vic respond to a Carthian allies call for aid. Upon getting there we find the place under attack by several 6 limbed creatures. Vic Dominates one to defend him and steps into combat with another. A strange noise power was emitted from the creatures reported to be a loud screech that rendered Herb immobile and severely disorients Meredith, the trio narrowly escape.
  • May 2016, Reports from the Ordo Dracul are received of a Gangrel serial diablerist called Susan. It is believed she is possessed by Strix due to reports of her eyes glowing yellow from witnesses. Durenkrail is killed, his lineage report feeling his soul consumed.
  • June 2016, Two owls with glowing yellow eyes are witnessed spying on a gathering of the city’s Kindred.
  • July 2016, The Ordo Dracul establish a test fight against a number of captured creatures. Kane, a ghoul belonging to Treselda is killed in the test, later rising as a Revenant.
  • August 2016, Vic Becomes Co-Prince with Sebastian of the Lancea et Sanctum. A Strix possessing a young kindred is found near the gathering and it is discovered that staking worked to immobilise it. Sebastian give the body to the Ordo Dracul with the proviso they look for ways to kill it not make it better.
  • September 2016, Mayhar Al-Sahand is located deep in tunnels beneath Northbridge infested with animated bodies believed to be those of minor Strix. He is restrained behind a barrier of occult symbols, during questioning by members of the Court he identifies himself as Finch. An argument breaks out and a panicked member of the Court inadvertently breaks the barrier. Al-Sahand/Finch disappears.
  • October 2016 sees attacks by creatures believed to be Strix increase markedly, throwing the Court further into utter chaos. Calls for aid go out and are answered by a number of Kindred from the Eastern States and further.
  • November 2016 The Kindred population of Perth sustains heavy losses, the Masquerade is pushed to the brink with the bloodthirsty and seemingly senseless attacks
  • December 2016 the decision is made to evacuate the city. The Kindred population has been decimated, from almost a hundred down to merely a handful of survivors and those who sought to aid them.
  • January 2017 the final evacuation of Perth. The last act before fleeing is Vic having written on the wall of Elysium to seek refuge in Geelong.