Tiberius Johnson

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Concept: Giant of a man
Family: Anakim
Hunger: Tyrant
City: St. Louis
Brood: none
Player: NPC
Storyteller: St. Louis VST
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Personal Information


  • See photo. Tends to overdress.


  • Bigger than life. Overwhelming. Toothy.


  • Honorable
Information Known by Beast Society
  • Old, big, and toothy.
Information Known by Supnat Society
  • Beast kind, void elder.
Information Known by Mortal Society
  • Last living heir to the Johnson family fortunes, used to be heavily in politics. Old money. Eccentric.


  • Digging into TJ's past shows time served in various political offices, as a judge, and even a military stint. Always been somewhere in the middle of America, unless serving a short appointment elsewhere.

Recent Events


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  • Shaitan
  • Friends might get to call him TJ and live to not tell about it.

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