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Though they lack the self-awareness to appreciate it, angels possess a powerful raison d’être free of doubt or unwanted introspection. They serve the God-Machine and that is enough. Demons have cast away that certainty of purpose and they feel its loss keenly. The compulsion to fill that void with some purpose custom-built for their strange and terrifying new condition claims nearly all the Unchained.

Each Agenda is as much a way to approach one’s new existence as a social club or a collection of survival resources. Each has its own approach to the Descent and to the question of Hell. Rational reasons exist to support all of them.

Agenda organization is rarely fixed, as a rigid structure would serve the God-Machine. Agencies recruit new Unchained into their ranks, but do nothing to hold them there. Agenda membership is fluid, not static, and changing Agendas completely or flirting with new ones is fairly common. A demon without any agenda (usually because they are newly-Fallen) is Uncalled.

  • Inquisitors, information brokers and seekers.
  • Integrators, apologists to the God-Machine.
  • Saboteurs, iconoclasts who seek the destruction of their Creator.
  • Tempters, hedonists who seek to enjoy their newfound freedom.
  • Uncalled, Demons that are either new to the Descent or who have chosen to abstain from joining an official Agenda.


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