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Auspices are spiritul connections of the Uratha to Luna. The moon-sign that marks a werewolf’s First Change; a half-blessing, half-revelation of the first change. An Uratha has a loose role within Uratha society according to the omen of his First Change, mirroring the roles of Father Wolf.

  • Irraka: The auspice role of scout and silent hunter.
  • Ithaeur: The auspice role of occultist, tasked to learn the secrets of mastery over spirits.
  • Cahalith: The auspice role of storyteller, vision-quester and lorekeeper.
  • Elodoth: The auspice role of judge and arbiter among the Uratha and between the physical and spirit worlds.
  • Rahu: The auspice role of warrior and howler at the full moon.


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