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Though some of their younger siblings participate in vast shadow societies, the Children have no such global organization. Beasts do have some cultural understandings and mores, mostly arranged around their familial understanding of one another. Family doesn’t always get along, but they do understand each other. That counts for a lot.

Regional organizations are common, typically arranged around the most powerful Beast in the area. An Apex Beast naturally assumes a position of, if not leadership and respect, then fear and deference. Whether part of a Beast’s Lair or not, the Chambers of the Primordial Dream take on a subtle reflection of the most powerful and feared supernatural being in the area. If that’s a Beast, the Beast’s Lair influences all others. If it’s a vampiric prince, for example, Chambers in the area might on a bloody, sensual flavor.

Whatever the supernatural scene in a region, the Children usually build close ties with other local Beasts, forming a group known as a brood. Members of a brood weave their Lairs together to forge a stronger shared realm, which in turn allows them a greater degree of security against outside threats such as Heroes. Sating one’s Hunger is also easier with a brood, as the group can collectively derive sustenance when one member feeds.

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