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A conspiracy, also called the third-tier, is a type of organization found in Hunter: The Vigil. Conspiracies are vast organizations of great power and influence, be it through government support, religious decree, or simply surviving for thousands of years. Many conspiracies work in secret, away from the public eye, and quite a few are dedicated to keeping the supernatural forces hidden from average people. Conspiracies tend to have more far-reaching networks, reliable resources and superior knowledge than the smaller, less organized compacts.

Another benefit conspiracies offer over the weaker compacts are Endowments, powers developed specifically by a conspiracy that allow it to do things a normal mortal man would not be able to do. While they sound appealing, many Endowments come with a steep cost to use. Some gradually corrode the user's soul, some literally poison the person drawing upon it, and most keep their user from ever having a chance at leaving the conspiracy if the stakes become too high.

  • Aegis Kai Doru: Aegis Kai Doru is a conspiracy who are descended from an ancient society and are dedicated to the use and protection of ancient artifacts that affect the creatures of darkness.
  • Ascending Ones: The Ascending Ones is a conspiracy that originally formed in Egypt to fight against the monsters of darkness and continue their efforts to this day, all the while keeping their activities and those of their prey from reaching the eyes and ears of ordinary people.
  • Cheiron Group: The Cheiron Group is a conspiracy that exist as a company dedicated to capturing and experimenting on dark monsters to benefit their own technology and investments.
  • The Faithful of Shulpae: The Faithful of Shulpae is a conspiracy operating as a cult of people who eat the flesh of supernatural beings.
  • Hototogisu: Hototogisu is a multinational corporation headquartered in Tokyo, with its roots in a conspiracy of hunters dating back to the Tokugawa shogunate. Their leader, Inoue Akio, discovered how to "steal" the powers of various supernatural creatures for his own ends, and today the company has many such beings in their employ.
  • Knights of St. Adrian: Originally an anti-demon mercenary unit, the Knights of Saint Adrian have continued throughout the modern era.
  • Lucifuge: The Lucifuge is a conspiracy composed of humans descended from demons who, for one reason or another, have vowed to use their demonic powers to fight the monsters in the dark.
  • Malleus Maleficarum: Malleus Maleficarum is a secret branch of the Catholic Church dedicated to using holy powers to eradicate the creatures of darkness.
  • The Merrick Institute: The Merrick Institute is a conspiracy of hunters with the ability to enter the Primordial Dream thanks to an unnamed procedure forced on them by the US government. They use this power to pursue the Begotten.
  • Otodo: The Otodo are a Japanese counterpart to the Lucifuge, using their oni ancestry to fight monsters.
  • Task Force:VALKYRIE: Task Force: VALKYRIE is a conspiracy that exists as a top secret United States government agency dedicated to hunting down and removing all traces of the unexplainable.