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Though they appear physically human unless using their powers, Prometheans have never been ordinary mortals. Most are the creations of other Prometheans, though a small number were created by mortal demiurges who, knowingly or otherwise, manipulated Pyros. These original Prometheans are known as Progenitors, and they have created other Prometheans, resulting in Lineages of Created who were all brought to life using the same set of rites.

  • Extempore: Accidents, created with a shaky connection to the Divine Fire. Unique, lonely, tragic, chosen.
  • Frankenstein: Created from lightning and parts from multiple bodies, the meaning of their life is testing limits and struggling against them. Bitter, lonely, gifted.
  • Galatea: One or more beautiful corpses brought to life by desire, that now only exists to love. Beautiful, courageous, reckless.
  • Osiris: Aloof scholars that claim divine lineage and are obsessed with knowledge, especially secrets. Regal, thoughtful, morbid.
  • Tammuz: Brought to life by the power of words, Tammuz exist to labor endlessly. Meticulous, slow, stubborn.
  • Ulgan: Humans torn apart and reassembled by spirits, likely more comfortable with them than they are with humans. Spiritual, ritualistic, knowledgeable.
  • Unfleshed: Artificial humans, from clay men to robots; they weren’t meant to be brought to life, but were anyway. Mechanical, literal, subservient, artificial.


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