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Prometheans are too few in number and too focused on personal transformation to have large-scale political or social organisation. They seek to gain humanity, the "New Dawn" of existence as a human being with a soul. They call this process the "Great Work", and each chooses a "Refinement", tailoring the work to their beliefs and capabilities.

  • Aes: Refinement of Gold, the Sentries. They focus on integrating with humanity so that the Promethean can live among humans and develop an understanding of human nature.
  • Argentum: Refinement of Silver, the Mystics. They study the spaces around the edges of humanity; as such, they focus on dealing with other supernatural creatures.
  • Aurum: Refinement of Gold, the Mimics. They’re waiting for the day the face in the mirror is the same one as the face in the crowd.
  • Centimani: Refinement of Flux, the Freaks. Standing in opposition to the other Refinements, they abandoned the Pilgrimage.
  • Cobalus: Refinement of Cobalt, the Cathars. They focus on burning out the impurities of the Promethean condition leads to Roles that study selfishness and vice. That way, a practitioner can identify them and discover how to overcome them.
  • Cuprum: Refinement of Copper, the Pariahs. Misery loves company; too many cooks spoil the broth. What great works could be done alone?
  • Ferrum: Refinement of Iron, the Titans. Purification above all else. They make their lives a crucible, their weaknesses slag.
  • Mercurius: Refinement of Quicksilver, the Savants. They focus on exploring the internal and external alchemies of the Promethean condition, the nature of the Divine Fire, and strange creatures and philosophies.
  • Phosphorum: Refinement of Phosphorus, the Light-Bringers. They study human attitudes and reactions to death.
  • Plumbum: Refinement of Lead, the Originists. Reverse engineering themselves, they discover their own inhumanity and learn what to shed.
  • Stannum: Refinement of Tin, the Furies. At the center of madness, they find clarity. They let loose the storm to find the eye.


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