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Both women and men are tall and somewhat overly muscled. All have the clan emblem tattooed on them somewhere, often across their backs.


Seems to have little to no sense of humor, moves and acts slowly, but with great deliberation.

Mortal World

Boire, other places across town as hired security or bouncers. Gardening and hardware stores, apparently they like to garden and build stuff for themselves. Background checks would find that they are all related, either by blood, or by marriage, some were born in America, but many are native Russians.

Known to the night congress

  • Works at Boire. Alpha is one Boris Petrov.
  • Are Russian
  • Used to work for a major traveling circus before it shut down.
  • Purchased several warehouses in their pack district, and have modified them.
  • Can be hired to do construction, security work, occasionally.


Bouncers at Boire

The Clan Petrov is currently:

Character Tribe Auspice Lodge Pack
Boris Petrov Storm Lord Irraka None Clan Petrov
Olga Petrov Storm Lord Irraka None Clan Petrov
Viktor Petrov Hunter in Darkness Irraka None Clan Petrov
Vasilisa Petrov Iron Master Rahu None Clan Petrov
Zlata Petrov Blood Talon Elodoth None Clan Petrov
Yuri Petrov Hunter in Darkness Ithauer None Clan Petrov

Clan Petrov currently includes:

Name Picture Pack Position Description
Boris Petrov
Alpha Head Bouncer at Boire.
Olga Petrov
Beta Runs the pack gym, looks like Boris, but with a nice chest...which looks kinda odd, all things considered. Is Boris's twin.
Viktor Petrov
Vasilisa Petrov
Voice is dead and pointed, wears actual chains as jewelry.
Zlata Petrov
Rarely talks. When she does, has a very deep manly voice. Rumored to be handler of pack finances.
Yury Petrov
Yuri was a wolfblooded, who just experienced first change. He is the 3rd cousin once removed of Zlata. He currently takes care of the Petrov's "Side Business".
  • Various wolfblooded extended family members, including Helga, Svetlana, and Ilsa.
  • Alexei Petrov- beta, Boris and Olga's younger brother, lost in Oct. 2017
  • Pyotr Petrov- omega, cousin to Boris and Olga, lost in Oct. 2017


  • 2017 - Moved to StL with after closing of big name circus. Hired on at Boire to handle all security and bouncing duties, but usually just works outside. Occasionally runs errands for Rave owner. Officially settled the pack in the area, in negotiations with some for things. Helped Chopper repair his home. Lost their beta and omega, and almost their enforcer to a Gha Nighzighal Su Dagh Dasgarin.


Have lost a few pack members, but stayed about the same since then. Still run the area around Boire. Are with the Bratva. Grow the green, do security work, and some construction.


  • Has a contract of some kind beyond security with Lee
  • Runs drug dealers out of their territories, some seem to vanish.
  • Ties with the Russian mafia, specifically Bratva
  • Knows where to pick up decent...herbs.
  • The pack honors family ties above all else.

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