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National Council

Members of the National Council are elected for a term of two years (previously three years).

For details of national council position holders not listed below, logon to the members section, and select Contacts from the left hand menu.

Abbrv. Position Holder Elected Concludes Contact Telephone
NC National Coordinator (President) Cathrin McAulay 2015 2017
DNC Deputy National Coordinator (Secretary) Tom Whitney 2016 2018
NFC National Finance Coordinator (Treasurer) Marie Gilders 2016 2018
NCC National Communications Coordinator Vanessa Lamb 2015 2017
NMC National Membership Coordinator Shannon Spanks 2016 2018
NPC National Promotions Coordinator Morgan Petrie 2016 2018
NRC National Rewards Coordinator Anthony Beadle 2015 2017
NST National Storyteller Jag 2018 2020
DNST Deputy National Storyteller Kyle Brooks 2016 2018

Website / Mailing List Contacts

Abbrv. Position Holder Contact Telephone
aNCC Web Administrator Jamie Reid
aNCC List Administrator Morgan Di Val
aNCC Wiki Team Leader Mike Daniel

Domain Contacts

The best point of contact for members for any administrative issues is the domain coordinator (DC) for their local domain.

More details may be available on the relevant domain page, or for a full list of domain contacts logon to the members section, and select Contacts from the left hand menu.

Domain Holder Elected Contact Telephone
Adelaide Alison Young 2018
Armidale TBA 2016
Brisbane Daniel Jagannath 2016
Canberra Kristine Hertel 2016
Melbourne None 2016
Perth Sean Mulroney 2016
Sydney None 2016
Toowoomba Ian Humphrey 2016
Southern Cross Duncan Harris 2016

See Also

  • Resources, including links to the mailing lists, which are the official channel for member communication.