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Who does this report go to?

The National Membership Coordinator reports to the National Coordinator, the National Council at and the archives at

When do I report?

The National Membership Coordinator reports on the 12th of each month.

Who determines my reporting status?

The National Coordinator determines your reporting status. Remember to report on time or ask for an extension on/before the cut off date to remain on your current status, or if you drop to move up in status.

I've dropped in status, how do I return to my previous status?

Send in 3 consecutive ON-TIME or approved extension reports and then you will return to the previous status. This is recorded as Colour#, such as G Y0 Y1 Y2 Y3 G (Green, Yellow report late/not submitted thus dropped, yellow 1, yellow 2, yellow 3, green). Please note, if you send in a report that is late without an approved extension and you were on yellow 3 or red 3, you will drop down to the beginning of that colour instead of the next rank. If you drop before that point, you will drop down to the next colour.

What are the reporting status colours?

Yellow 0-3
Red 0-3
Black - Position is lost, all prestige earned through this position is lost, and you cannot hold positions for six months minimum. This may be extended depending on disciplinary actions.
Grey - This is used to mark extensions in reports which is to be corrected to the appropriate status upon received or not received report, OR to mark a period when the position is up for election or otherwisely not being held.


NOTE - please remove all this descriptive text before submitting!!
[Text within square brackets is notes and hints on how to complete this report and should be removed from the report before submission.]
<Text within angled brackets describes specific information required where appropriate. Complete required text but remove brackets before submitting.>
___ underlines are blanks to be filled, where information required is obvious. Where there is no information to fill a blank, remove the underline but leave the field heading intact.
Please note that the section titles are not necessary within the report so long as you separate each section.

Report Start

Office Holder: <Name>
Membership Number: ___
Office Gained: <DD/MM/YYYY>

==== General ====
[Insert a summary of general information you want to express to the membership here.]

==== Positions ====
[List position holders that have not been updated, or otherwise state that the position holder list is up to date.]

[List position holders who have fallen to black status, received a vote of no confidence, or have stepped down from their positions.]

==== Elections ====
Elections Completed

National Level

Domain Level

Venue Level

Elections Currently In Progress

National Level

Domain Level

Venue Level

==== Memberships ====
[Insert a list of current membership separately into the email including a list of expiring in the next few months for quick reference.]

==== Venues/Domains ====
[List new venues that have been created, or venues that have been closed during the month.]

[List new domains that have been created, or domains that have been closed during the month.]

==== Reporting Status ====
[List the Domain Coordinators in order of Domain with the Domain location, DC Name (Membership Number), Date position gained, Date report received, and Reporting Status.]

==== Projects ====
[List projects that are currently being looked into by the NMC and summarise updates.]

==== National Level Prestige Awards ====
[List members who have earned national level prestige awards from the NMC such as DCs and assistants. Processed memberships are not included in this list.]

==== Prestige Claimed ====
[List prestige claims of NMC such as reporting and duties.]